Crazy dog

I know I’m like all on this dog kick right now, but it’s the new thing. Soon you’ll be tired of hearing about lambs lol.  We have had our girl for almost two weeks now. She has settled in nicely, minus the separation issue. We are still addressing it. I let her free roam while we got milk and she jumped up on our kitchen table because it was next to the window and she couldn’t see out.  It’s a quirk we will live with for now. I’m almost afraid of moving the table for fear she would chew something instead.

lacy4At first we were not going to allow her on the furniture, but as you can see we changed out mind. Our other dog Annie has always been allowed on the furniture because she is little. Never really thought about getting another dog. It’s been 5 years. She is already spoiled and she likes to sit on the back of the couch to look outside. So we decided all is fair in love and dogginess so we allowed Lacy on as well. Normally she does not take up this much room. She only takes up one cushion, so we are ok with that.

Life has been interesting to say the least. She is learning our rules. I am learning to use my body language to figure out how I need to hold myself to get her to do what I want. Annie is so different. I can mearly look at her and she just “knows” what I want. Lacy hasn’t come that far. She is getting better though.  She walks on leash a heck of a lot better than she did. She is not jumping and constantly trying to ‘get’ the other dogs down the road. She still whines which is unacceptable, but baby steps.

Last friday I decided that walking more than one mile with a dog is for the birds.  I have to do it at least twice a day with her. Last night we didn’t walk at all. It was cold.  Then last night I saw a very antsy dog try to go to sleep. It didn’t work well. She needs her before her dinner walk. Period. I’ll be like the mail man. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain shall keep me from walking my dog.

So anyway, last friday I had enough of walking. She definitely needs more than just a walk to tire her out. I went online and found a

harness from Howling Dog Alaska. Here is the harness I chose. They have many.  Sorry there are white pieces on the photo, it was a screen capture. Mine is black where the red is and yellow where the black is. It is totally awesome. So we started our training.  She is going to pull carts, bikes, and roller blades.  We started out with a bike. I got some bungee line from the hardware along with some snaps. We hooked her to the bike and she freaked out lol. Of course she would. We kept nudging her along with a pull command and I was out in front.  My son who is 70 lbs was on the bike. Between the both of us, we ended up being able to make it go smoothly for the first lesson. She pulled and loved it and stopped when we asked. Her only problem was she freaked out a little when I told her to stop and the bike seemed to come up on her from behind, something we will work on. All in all it went very well. I”m too fat to run ahead of her for a long time, so its a slow start.   🙂

She loved it so much, that our little 15 minute lesson totally pooped her out.



Isn’t see sweet?!  I hope soon I can post video of her pulling a bike, but that will require some real work or at least another pair of hands as we go down the road.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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3 thoughts on “Crazy dog

  1. She certainly is coming along! 🙂

  2. maplecreekcottage

    I’ll say she is! A few blogs ago she was testing your patience to the point of expiration, and here she is learning to be one of the family. How inspiring!
    …I wonder if Sophie would do this with the boys!!

  3. It is fairly easy to teach them. The problem I had is the rope gets caught in the bike wheel. I’ve seen people slip a pool noodle around that part so I will try that as soon as walmart gets pool noodles. 🙂 She still tries my patience but is a lot better.

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