Some days it seems that I am the apha dog, but not the alpha mother. Is it too much to ask that, while I blog or facebook for a half hour, you get up, get dressed, and clean your room?  Apparently, it is. We’ve had to change our routine. Usually mornings were as long as you were ready for school in an hour it’s fine.  The problem now is we are trying to get a schedule for us and the dogs.

I wish Cesar Millan was my best friend lol.  I hate that he is so famous that even a lowly pee-on like me cant ask for advice over something simple. Considering his humble beginnings, I’m sure its not his fault, but still.  I could spend money and buy his videos, but my dog problems cant be that hard to solve by watching just a few more episodes of Dog Whisperer right?

He suggests not feeding your dog until you eat first.  I agree. It is what a pack does. So here I am trying to get my kids to hurry up because the dogs eat at 8. I need this feeding time to stick because some days, like today, we go to town and eating before we go means I can take my time shopping.  Kids on the other hand….poookeeeyyy…ppoooooookkkkkeeeeyyy….who cares if we eat now..we would rather wrestle on mom’s bed and get the dogs all stir crazy!

So as I sit and write, kids are all eating. The dogs are laying in wait for their meal. I’m not even remotely hungry so I guess pack momma will hit lunch or a muffin on the way out. Life with this dog has certainly been interesting.  She seems to be settling in well with our family. She still is very attached to us and follows us all over the house like a toddler, but she seems happy and content.  If I could only read dog’s minds….then I bet Cesar wouldn’t be too busy.   😉


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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