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Hectic Easter

Easter-Desktop-Wallpapers-03Some years I wonder why I do this Easter thing.  You have to understand that normally people get up and make a meal..that is their hectic Easter, for me it’s church.  You don’t know hectic until you do it for the Lord   😉

Easter for me starts on Munday Thursday with the Passover meal at our church. It is a great time of gathering and feasting, communion, and fellowship. There is no where I’d rather be then to celebrate Passover with my friends and family and remember the Passover Jesus shared with his disciples.  After this Thursday service, then comes Good Friday. Good Friday is great. The house gets cleaned for upcoming Easter, the kids are home and not on school, the hubby is home, it makes for a great family day. Then there is church that night. Good Friday service at our church is traded with a neighboring church. One year they host and the next year we host.  The church that hosts Good Friday does not host Sunrise service.  This year it was our church for Good Friday.

I sing in the choir at church so that means commitment.  You have to be at every service to sing.  So Good Friday service, although at our church, is not something I would normally attend. My husband is not a believer but supports my church habit.  So we sing Good Friday service.  Saturday is our day of rest. I’m so glad there is not a holy day that offence God.

Sunday is crazy.  A good crazy, but I feel like I am running like a chicken with my head cut off.  So my Sunday starts with a 5:45 wake up call. Yes that is A.M people!  I get up, throw on clothes, and head out the door to the neighboring church..which happens to be 15 minutes away.  We practice for the choir before church starts so we can get sound checks and what nots done, then we have sunrise service at 7.  Once that is done, the hosting church feeds us breakfast. I have to watch my time very carefully because I have kids at home and we need to be at our church at 8:30.

Off to regular service to our church, then home to cook the meal that normal people have already started in their oven while I was attending sunrise service. Good thing the house is clean right? I really try to pawn my family off on someone else for Easter..someone who does not spend from the crack of dawn (literally) till noon in church.  This year was no exception. I got my mom to host a dinner instead of a lunch this year.  I am still making a ham, but at least I can relax for a bit.

Here is a look at what my typical time schedule was today.

5:15am- wake up because I am afraid I’ve slept through my alarm..only to find out I have 30 minutes left

5:15-5:45am- lay awake because if I fall alseep I will surely sleep through my alarm now!

5:45-6am- grab the yogurt out of the dehydrator and put it in the fridge, change the food and water in the chick areas, let the dogs out to potty and put them back in crates, get dressed, grab choir robe and folder and head out the door.

6am-6:15- go get gas because my light will come on if I dont and arrive at the Walnut Church

6:15-6:30- wait for all the sleepy heads to arrive because apparently they cant tell time

6:30-7:45- warm ups, sing the song we will sing-twice, then have sunrise service

7:45- 8- scarf down breakfast that will make me sick because it is full of msg and all the other bad stuff my body can no longer handle, but I have to eat because I am STARVING!

8-8:15- drive home to get my kids, feed the dogs

8:15-8:30-forget the recorder for the sermon, forget the 6 dozen eggs I bring each week to church, but at least I brought myself and my kids to church

8:30-9am- sound check at the church, sing both songs we will sing, keep track of the boys because they are acolytes, make sure we all have flowers for the living cross and try to relax.

9-9:30- attempt to save an entire pew for the family, still try to keep my kids in eyesight, and say hi to people I havent seen since last Easter.

9:30-11- Church service

11-11:30- chat with dad over a cup of coffee after the service because he always wants to have a cup of coffee, even if I am seeing him in 6 hours.

11:45 Arrive home and take a deep breath, get some lunch, and write a blog since I’ve pawned off Easter on someone else   😀

Normally I would arrive home, throw the ham in and start the potatoes and all the other stuff that needed to be done by 1 in order to eat.  SOOOO glad I am not doing this, this year.  It is a hectic morning filled with singing, praising, traveling, singing, praising, traveling..but you know I don’t think I would know what to do if I didnt do it.  How boring it would be to not get up at dawn and sing praises of the stone being rolled away…the people finding out that Jesus was not there…to worship the man who rose from the grave and gave everlasting life to all of us.  Its the sort of hectic day that is welcomed.  I have so much fun although it is tiring.  The one thing that makes the day all worth it is this…..

IMG_0753This is our living cross.  We start our service with a bare brown, rusty wire covered cross.  An ugly cross that symbolizes all that Jesus had to take on himself, the pain, the brokenness, the sin, ugly life we were living and we transform that cross into a living cross that symbolizes hope, love, joy, everlasting life, life worth living.  Every year I just cant get enough of it.  I stare at that cross and see the beauty that is Jesus. It fills my heart with joy to see it transform from brown ugly, to bright and beautiful.  It makes me glad I am a Christian and makes me glad that my Lord Jesus died to give me everlasting life.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Wondermill Jr.

I’m officially a homesteader!  Well ok I was a homesteader before, but it is amazingwondermill-wonder-junior-hand-mill how a new piece of equipment makes you feed all homesteady  😉   So I got a Wondermill Deluxe Jr with Drill bit adapter.  I went all out.  I did research and decided I wanted a hand crank. Why? Because electric cant make nut butters, or grind flax seed, or crush herbs for tea that’s why!

My son and I tried it out. Let me just say if you dont lift 40-50 lb feed bags regularly, hay bales, or chase chickens..forget about turning the handle.  I read the reviews.  I heard it was fairly hard to turn, but nut butter…flax seed…tea… that is why I bought the drill bit adapter!  My son could turn the handle if it was on super course and you ran the flour through twice. I could turn it with hardly any trouble but the problem comes endurance.  I have none. I could probably grind about a cup of flour, but anymore and I’d be dead.

I did manage to “break in” my burrs. It came with steel burrs and stone burrs. The stone definitely are easier to use and grind flour wonderful. The steel are for the nut butters and oily seeds. They suck to get going and grind rough.  I did not try the drill bit adapter though. Just wanted to make sure it worked and that when I grind my next batch of flour I wont have tiny pieces of stone in it.

All in all I am happy with the purchase. It is a very well built little machine. It is worth the cost for sure. Definitely get the drill bit adapter.  I look forward to grinding my own Echinacea tea this year!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Around the Farm

Spring has sprung, except the weather. I have flowers trying to bloom, trees budding, and baby animals all around.  Mother nature needs to get the memo so that I can get the garden started already.  Today I’m just going to write to tell you what the heck is going on around here.  I know we all get busy and I am trying to faithfully blog about something, even if it isnt super interesting.  I’m just a mom you know on a 1 acre zoo. Nothing interesting really happens here.

Lambs– They are eating a lot. It is amazing how much difference between 2 lambs and hay versus 6 lambs and hay. Not that I am worried about runnin out before spring…or maybe I should be with the way things are going!  They are super cute. The white females baaa all the time. The boys just let them do all the work of calling me for food lol.  All our males are uncut and will be banded here this week. All but the best one to my eye.  I’ll leave that chore to my husband   🙂

Chickens– I still have 26 hens and one rooster. The rooster is still separated until I need to move chicks. My girls are molting again..sigh..hurry up already! They seemed to have just molted a few months ago! I have the rooster separate because last year I had naked backed girls running around with sunburn.  I am getting around 12 eggs a day from the girls and they have slowed up on the feed. It looks almost full and shouldnt be. I’m not going to complain. I already told my husband I am switching to organic non-soy food either next month or the month after. I found that I can tolerate one egg on organic non-soy feed, but cant tolerate any at all on the feed I have. It also helps my stomach when I use them in baking too.  Its amazing how much something as simple as soy can make a difference. Of course  you wouldnt think I would be surprised because milk is different too. Problem with the feed is I would have to charge $5 a dozen just to break even!

Chicks– I have right now 8 chicks that are 2 weeks old. They are almost fully feathered. Probably another week or two and I can move them out to the chicken coop. I have a separate chick area that they go in for another month without outdoor access and then I can open it up and let them out into a run with a fenced top. No hawk is going to get my babies!  Then last night my other 10   9 chicks arrived. Some lady bought one of my jersey giants before I got there. Nice.. oh well. They said they would get more in next week and would call for my one chick. Sheesh..  Anway they are all cute and little tiny things sleeping a lot under the heat light.  Good thing I have a fail proof system of rotation here!  Ok might not be fail proof, but the turkeys havent come yet and that is the only hitch I could see coming in my plan.

Turkeys– Still to come…they were laying eggs beginning of March..the guy said he would call when they were born and he was going to keep them for a week to give them a running chance.  I dont need a running chance because he said if I buy 8 I should end up with the 5 I need. Well I’m a stay at home mom and keep all these babies in my living room so the chances of dying are slim to none.. The running chance will ensure I have 8 turkeys which is too much since we over bought on lambs!

Pup– You know how when you have a puppy it just licks you to death!  I mean you can sit quietly without the thing jumping and wanting to lick your face. Yeah..well….I dont have that.  This pup doesnt know how to lick apparently.  All the thing does is eat, sleep, poop, play with our other dog, and bite.  Everywhere you go..bites your pants. You’re sitting on the couch.. bites your feet. It is sitting with you on the couch..biting your hands, arms or anything else. Laying nicely with you..turns and bites you on the face. He is just playing but goodness. This is why you shouldn’t get a puppy less than 8 weeks. You have to teach it too much. The mom should be doing this, but now it falls on me. So the  update is that the pup is he is crate trained!! He will ring the bells at the door if you are near the door and ask him if he has to go potty. If yes he will paw at the bells.  If no, he will walk away. If you are not near the door, dont ask, he pees on the floor lol.  90% of the time when he comes in he will sit on the rug next to the door. You can wipe his feet, but he will bite you as you do it so we are still working on that. I am now teaching him to kiss.  Yes I showed him by licking him on the face, avoiding the bites. I said kiss and licked him a few times. We worked on it for a while. I could make the motion with my tongue and he would try to lick. It seemed very hard for him to grasp the concept of no teeth with that lick   😉 but it is a work in progress.  He is doing well.  If I teach him to “bite” and to “kiss” then when I need him to bite he will. Just have to get him down to not biting people unless I tell him too.  He is only 7 weeks so I’ll give him time. As my friend said, “He’s only a minute old!”

Well that’s what is going on around my farm at the moment. Hopefully I can put in my peas and mark out my garden shares this weekend. They say 50 but since snow is on the ground it is a little hard to believe.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Lamb pics

Ok short and sweet.. First, I hate snow. I’m sick of snow..I want it to go already..Got like 4 inches and it is still snowing.. Hello It’s spring! Guess mother nature didn’t get the memo!

Here are my lambs..yes they are dirty, yes the pictures are bad, but it was blowing cold the next day and then it started snowing so I dont have good lighting.  We have 3 Suffolk, 1 Suffolk mix, and two white dont know whats lol.

IMG_0709 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0715 IMG_0724 IMG_0710


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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The Lambs are here!

I know you all are wanting pictures, but we just got home a little bit ago and I dont have any. I will take some tomorrow. They need to settle in for the night.

So my husband and I go to the sale barn and check out the lambs. He sees ones in pen F. They were white. There were 4 in a group. He decided those were it.  So as we were walking out, I pointed out a group of Suffolk. There were 4 of them also. He nods and we go out.  As they are calling the lambs the Suffolk come out..and he starts bidding! I”m like what are you doing?? you didnt like those..he said he wants to just bid and go home. Nice.. in his defense lambs were suppose to be at 3pm and they didnt even roll through till 5.  Anyway he bids and we buy. Before he can leave he sees another lamb. “Boy that is a nice lamb.”  I said ok well if we are going to get any more I want white ones because you can dye the wool.  So we wait for those group of 4 because there was a group of 2 in there with them.  I told him that we could possibly support 2 more if I used the front yard for grazing. At first he was like no..then I told him I would do it while he was at work. He seemed fine with that. So there they came..and there he bid.

All in all it was a long day, but we walked away with 4 intact male suffolks (one is a mix as it is spotty) and then two female white.  They are cute as buttons right now.  You’ll just have to imagine them until I get some pictures up. Right now they are eating me out of house and home. They must not have had anything to eat in a while cause man did they go through the hay tonight!

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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No touch, no talk, no eye contact

This is the hardest thing apparently for people to do with dogs.  I have instituted this rule at my house. My dog Annie gets all excited and jumps up on people. They dont mind because she is 14 lbs. They would however mind if it was an 80 lb German Shepherd.  They cant understand that its the same thing.

When a dog jumps up it is a way of claiming you as theirs.  They dont have any manners at all. They are not respecting you or your space.  When little dogs do this people think it is cute and that they are just wanting attention.  The problem comes when a hyper larger dog does the same thing, all of a sudden it’s not so cute. It gets rather annoying.

A friend came over for some empty egg cartons. When I answered the door, before she even stepped inside, I asked her not to talk, touch, or make eye contact with the dog. She stepped inside and asked why?  I told her because the dog is new and he needs a chance to be polite. He needs to get to know her like a dog would. Nose first..then eyes..then ears.  By sniffing her he gets to know her, then will make eye contact, and move away unless she invites him to her. This way also makes a more calm dog.  I told her to never pet or encourage a hyper excited dog to come to her. Only when they are calm do you want to reward them with your affection.  She totally understood and my puppy was very polite, sniffed her, made eye contact and then backed away and sat quietly.  She opted not to pet the pup. It was a very first meeting for the pup.

The problem came today when my mother in law came to borrow our jack. one can resist the cute puppy sleeping on the floor.  She came in and immediately said in a high pitched voice, “AWW the pupppppppyyyyy!!!” and made a beeline to the pup.  I stepped in front of her and said, “NO! no touch, no talk, no eye contact.”  She stepped back and said, “What?? Why?”  I told her that the puppy needs to meet her first with his nose, then she can pet him after he is done sniffing.  Well what does she do…Looks down at the dog sniffing her. Well at that moment the pup looks up, see her making eye contact and takes that as a “give me my space.”  So the puppy moves away because that is what is expected in dog language. Well once the puppy moved a way, he went and laid back down on the floor where he was. I told her that she could go pet him and she got all huffy and said no and left.

My parents are just as horrible at listening. They let Annie jump all over them and don’t understand or follow my rule. I quit inviting the over for a while. Maybe when they have an 80 lb dog trying to jump on them they will heed my warnings.

I don’t make these rules up willy nilly. They are what dogs do and it is a respect issue.  If we respect the dog in his dogginess, then he will respect us in our humanness.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Walk that Dog!

I love Cesar Millan. I love him equally with Joel Salatin. Both men have changed my life for the better.  I used to think that walking your dog was just a fun activity that gave you both exercise.  Wrong!  It does give you both exercise, but you have to look at why you walk your dog. Dogs are part of packs.  Wild dogs, coyotes, wolves all walk miles a day to follow or obtain food.  Our domesticated dogs still need this walk.  It stimulates the mind and gives them focus.  I’m not talking about walking around with your dog willy nilly, letting it sniff everywhere, relieving itself, pulling you along cause there is something interesting over there…and here..oh and over there!!  That kind of walk is nothing more than backyard play. You might as well have stayed home and played fetch!

I know Cesar sometimes gets a bad rap for handling dogs “harshly” or they say he “makes the dog submit by fear.” Let me just say, if done right, none of these are the case. I know I’m not a dog trainer, but I have used his techniques to change my dogs. My oldest dog used to chase the cats.  I mean she would leave the property and I would be yelling as she ran down the corn field.  Now after changing just a few small rules, she no longer chases. If I see her look at them like she wants to, all I have to do is say “Annie, noooo” and she turns and leaves them.  I haven’t had her do this in 5 years!  She is really a good dog, but she was ruling the roost until we got the shelter dog.

The shelter dog changed my life.  I was thinking about her last night, wishing I could go get her and bring her back.  I dont have any means of crating her though, but watching more Cesar last night made me want to try again…. I’m going to try to let that go and focus on the pup, but having her here made things different.  Annie could no longer get away with certain things because it wouldnt be fair to Lacy that she couldnt.  Annie is small, Lacy was big and so things needed to change.  In 2 1/2 weeks I employed Cesars tricks to change the rules.  No one could go outside unless family went first. You had to be calm and submissive to go outside to pee, you had to be that way coming in too. Sit when you come in, let us wipe your feet, sit again until we release you.  Open the crate-the dog must stay- then ok to release out. Those were just a few rules, but both dogs learned respect in just a few days.  I knew that those changes were so good, that a walk was what I needed to give the final push.

Birds fly, fish swim, dogs walk.  It is part of life. A dog is made to walk miles to obtain food. They have to then work together as a team to take it down. The alpha eats first, then on down the chain.  That is why we eat, then feed our dogs.  The walk isnt just a leisure thing to them, they have a purpose.  So I needed to employ the same strategy to gain purpose for my dogs too.  Dogs always walk behind the alpha.  Don’t let your dog pull you. He must walk next to or behind you. Check.  Dogs are going for a no sniffing or looking around…just walk forward and at a brisk pace. Check. Dogs walk miles a day for food. Take your dog for a walk before he eats.  I do this before dinner. Breakfast is a free pass. Semi-check lol. Miles a day.. not one mile..miles.. if your dog  is hyper..1-2 hours worth of miles..if you dog is a couch potato a couple miles should be good.  I walk my pup and couch potato dog 2 miles a day. Lacy I had to walk close to 4.

So why is this type of walk important??

  1. It establishes dominance. By you leading you are the alpha. You tell the dogs what to do when, not the other way around.
  2. It makes your dog focus. Dogs need to learn to focus the mind. It would be like you doing math.
  3. Releases frustration. Imagine being at a desk job all day and not being able to take a break..just 8 long hours of sitting there. You would just want to move right!  A dog has the same problem. Although playing in the yard is exercise, it is not enough to tire them out..miles a day. Can you play miles with your dog? Not need to walk.
  4. It is work for your dog. Just as you go to work and it is physically and mentally exhausting, so is a walk with your dog. The focus it takes to not look around and be distracted along with moving at the brisk pace is a balanced exhaustion.
  5. It bonds you together. A pack moves together. You dont see an alpha going off on it’s own. By walking your dog with you, it creates a bond of trust and respect.  “I will lead you best friend and I will take care of you if danger comes. You need not worry.” The best best best thing you can do for a new dog in your life is walk it.  With one day of walking I noticed a change in both the shelter dog and my new puppy.  That first night..tssst didnt mean anything.  The second it did. Bonding my with your best friend who will be there when you have no one else. It also will bond the two dogs together and diminish fighting because it makes them realize they are part of one pack..your pack. There is no “to each their own.”  One solid pack with you as the leader.

The Dog Whisperer is on youtube. Right now The Best of the Dog Whisperer is on Netflix.  Sit down and watch a few episodes. Try it on your dog and you will see change my friend.  Even the worst dogs can change with a good walk.  This pup and I have bonded and I contribute my increased sleep during crate training to the walk!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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Sleepless Nights-Crate Training

Hello. I told you all I was going to be in puppy hell for a few weeks. Today is Day 2.  Day 1 went well. He adapted to our family fairly well. The older dog adapted to him well and is now his trainer in all things dog.  The night was horrid.  We had practiced crating him a couple times during the day at his nap times so that he would get the picture that sleep = crate.  I’m glad we did this, but it was still a long night. I would shhh and say in a stern voice  “Diesel Quiet!” only to have 2 seconds then whining again.

diesel3If you’ve never crate trained a puppy, let me first tell you that it sucks.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it sucks..but its like bringing home a baby. They cry, eat, poop, and sleep. Somewhere in there is about 15 minutes of playtime throughout the day.  It is totally worth it though, so I highly encourage you to do it.  The cute puppy face will keep you from killing him, promise.

So let me give you a couple of tips for crate training. First, you need good things to eat. The puppy will follow his nose to something yummy. Give him one first and then every time you crate the puppy give him a treat.  He will associate the crate with yumminess. Next, tire him out!  Play until the pup wont play no more!  My pup will groan if I am trying to play and he doesnt want to anymore. He will stop trying to chew. Just because your pup is laying down, doesn’t mean he is tired. He might just be bored.  Keep trying to get him to play until he just cant take it anymore.  Then when he lays down to sleep, pick him up and place him in the crate with the treat.  Cover the crate if it is a cage one so that it is dark.  Make sure the pup is relaxed and either chewing on the treat, or laying down sleeping before you move away from the entrance and close the door.  Yes your puppy will scream.  Since your puppy is tired, it wont be long before the sleepiness takes over.diesel2

Do not open the door when the pup is whining!  It will show him that whining means out.  I usually crate a few times each day during naps. When he whines after waking up I say tsssst.. like Cesar Millan. Then wait a few seconds..if he is still quiet I walk over and open the crate. I also block it so he cant get out right away. They cant come out until you tell them or you will have a large dog beating it out of the crate every time you open it! Just push him back saying tttssst!  Don’t wait very long, but a nice 5 seconds is good. You can extend the period later after he is listening to you more. Tell him “ok” to release him to go out and take him outside immediately!

Night crating is different slightly. You still need to tire him out and give him a treat when you put him in, but he will wake up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom. This is the sucky part. The first day your dog will not respect you or listen to you.  He will not be quiet when you tell him to. He will yelp and yelp. Buy the family ear plugs and be prepared mentally for no sleep at all.  When he wakes you up with a whimper or a whine. Tell him  tttsssst!  Once he is quiet go over and open the crate. Again do not let him come out right away. I usually let him walk out on his own but then scoop and bring him out side quickly so he doesnt get distracted and pee on the floor on the way out.   ** Let me just take his opportunity to tell you that the first time he whined to get out at night, I couldnt get him to shut up. I couldnt take him out because he was I had to wait….20 minutes! Finally he was quiet long enough for me to make it to the crate and open it.**    After you let your pup back in from going to the bathroom, play with it.  I know you are tired and it sucks..but trust with that pup until it is wore out again. It took mine 30 minutes.  If you dont play with the pup…it will whine for 30 minutes anyway and keep you up. Just play with it.  Once the pup is tired again, give the treat in the crate, make sure it is comfy, and close it in.  It will whine, but it wont be for 30 minutes. You can ignore it because you know he’s went to the bathroom and all is well.

diesel4Another thing is to walk your dog twice a day. This post is getting mega long so I will write one after this and post it. Walking is super important to a new pup and you.  Here is what I went through my first two days. Not all is on here, but I did let you know when I crated.

Day 1:- Walked a mile and then crated at 11am-whined for 10 minutes.  Played until tired and crated at 3pm-whined for 10-15 minutes.  Walked another mile before dinner, we ate, dogs ate and we tried hard to keep the puppy up for hours until 9pm when we go to bed, crated at 9pm,whined for 10 min,woke up at 10:30pm. Bathroom break and no play,crated,whined for 20-30 minutes, woke up at 1am.  Bathroom break, played 30 minutes until tired, crated, whined 5 minutes, woke up at 2:30.  Bathoom break, played until tired, crated, whined for 5 minutes, woke up at 5.  Bathroom break, played until tired, crated, whined 10 minutes, woke up at 7am.  We all got up.

Day 2: Walk a mile and then crated at 11am-whined for 5 minutes. Played with pup and crated again at about 3pm, whined for 5 minutes.  Walked another mile before dinner, we ate, dogs ate and again we tried to keep the pup up till we went to bed at 9pm.  Crated at 9pm, whined but quieted quickly with tssstt! and a finger pointed at him,me starring until he layed down, woke at 10:30. Bathoom break, played with 5 minutes, then he went into his crate on his own to chew a bone, gave him a treat to go with it and shut the door, whined and quickly quieted after a tssstt and a finger pointing, woke up at midnight.  Bathoom break, played 5 min and again he went to his crate to chew a bone, gave a treat, crated, whined, tsssted, woke up again at 1:30.  Bathroom break, played 5, went to his crate to chew, gave a treat, closed the door, quieted after a tssst and woke at 3:30.  Bathroom break, played 5, crated as he chewed a bone, whined, tsssted, and he stayed quiet and slept as my husband went to work at 4, woke at 5. Bathroom break, no play-encouraged bone chewing, shut the door, tsssted and he woke at 7 with my alarm.

It does get better. It may not be one night like mine but it will get to where you dont have to play as long.  So let me post about a walk and why it is SOOO important.

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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He’s here!

So we picked up our baby boy this morning. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, but I wanted to let you know that we will probably be in a puppy hell for at least 2-3 weeks as we crate train, obedience train, and potty train the pup. Posts will be fleeting as so will be my sleep 😉

I did want to tell you though that we decided to also not give most commands in English. This is really for our protection. It is always better to have a stranger not know how to command your dog. We looked at many languages and thought about going German. We may or may not put him through Shutzchand training.  Normally they use German, but more and more police dogs are going with a wide range of languages such as a mix of German, Dutch, and Czech. We looked at many languages and many, including German, seemed to have a lot of commands that sounded like English. We didn’t want that so we ended up with Czech.  It will be a learning experience for all of us. The internet has been great and helping us pronounce words. It will just take some learning. Who cares if we don’t get it quite right, he’s our dog. Our other dog will speak English though since she is already trained.  She’s the one you have to worry about anyway..those big dogs are all bark with no bite..its the little ones that sneak up on you and rip your leg off!


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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New Pup

So yesterday I told you we were picking up our new pup on Saturday. I really wish I could have brought him home, but we are already taking it earlier than I would really like to. The only reason I am ok with taking it is because I already have a stable, healthy dog to teach it doggy manners.  I will have to do plenty of playdates with my friend who has 9 dogs so that he is sure to learn what is and is not acceptable dog behavior.

Diesel1I thought I would take this time to introduce you to the new guy before we get him.  Here is his first picture. We have named him Diesel. He is a purebred German Shepherd with a German grandma. My neighbor said he didn’t look “pure.” In case you don’t know, German Shepherds come in a nice range of colors. They can be white, almost all tan, tan and black like you see normally in police dogs, mostly black with some tan markings, or totally black.  Usually the ones who have German lines will tend to be more black with tan markings which is why it didnt look pure to her.  They tend to not have the slope down the back like the American tan and black and will be more stocky instead of sleek. Basically I’m saying that dogs with German lines tend to be Tank like  🙂

So as a family we, of course, had to sit down and preplan him arriving. We spent Wed and Thurs cleaning the house. I told the kids to lay on their stomachs and crawl around looking in their room for anything they thought could be chewed or eaten, and to put it up! They cleaned their rooms mega well and I spent my day washing down my entire kitchen. It just needed it.  Then I hit the living room, our bedroom, and the bathroom.  We also had to set up rules. It was fairly easy because we decided to keep the same rules that we had for Lacy.  So here are some rules we are putting into place. Most are from watching mega episodes of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

  1. When the dog goes out, whoever is taking the dog out goes first, then the dog.
  2. The dog will walk by our side or behind us on walks. No tugging on leash, whining at dogs, no sniffing the ground, and no marking.
  3. When the dog re-enters the house, the dog must step on the rug next to the door and sit. We will then wipe it’s paws and after we are done the dog must sit again and wait until we say “ok”, then it may leave.
  4. When the humans eat, the dog must lay on the floor in the living room, if we are in the kitchen or away from us if we are eating in the living room.
  5. Dogs will eat after the humans have eaten and after a walk.
  6. After eating, dogs will be crated for 30 minutes for quiet time. This will help with potty training and will help prevent possible bloat.
  7. Dogs will sit, give us eye contact, we will set the food on the floor and they will sit and continue to give us eye contact until we say “ok”, then they can eat.
  8. Dog can only eat the toys and bones in their crate. Nothing else is eatable.
  9. Just because it is on the floor doesnt make it the dogs. If we chose to take it, we can and will.
  10. No playing tug of war with the dog.
  11. Fetch will be played, but the dog must give us eye contact before we throw the ball..not give the ball eye contact.
  12. The dogs must not bite hard when they play. If the dog bites too hard a “yelp” will be given by the person and play discontinued.
  13. No squeaky toys. Our other dog is afraid of them, and the squeak might encourage the prey drive of the dog by mimicking the killing of an animal.
  14. Obedience needs to be practiced everyday and by everyone in the family. That way the dogs know we require them to obey all of us.
  15. When someone comes to the door, the dog is encouraged to go to the door and bark.  When we tell the dog to be quiet, it needs to stop barking and sit on the rug next to the door as we let the person in. Once the person is in we will give the “ok” command to release the dog from staying there.
  16. The dogs will not eat or chase any animals. Period..all animals.
  17. No one entering our home is to touch, talk, or look at the dog until the dog has sniffed them and the dog is in a calm and submissive state of mind.

Those are the main rules we will be teaching and requiring. I dont think it is too much to ask. The hardest one will be 16 for my parents who enter and then immediately pet Annie who is jumping up on them. I already yelled at them, but they just shook it off and kept doing it.  Grr parents lol.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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