Pallets my eye

We have pallets. We don’t have many, but we do get 3-5 a winter because we get pellets for our stove.  It was so nice the other day that I decided I would grab out a pallet and tear it apart.  My plan was to build a turkey tractor out of it.  I needed something for when the babies are not really babies, but teenagers and hawks would still find them a great meal.

I grabbed a crowbar, a hammer, and started working.  OMG are you serious??  Who does this?? Well I know of at least one person who reads my blogs that uses pallets. He is Mike from The Tiny Homesteaders.  I know he can’t possibly be tearing apart all these pallets to use unless he is like the incredible hulk.

I consider myself a fairly strong person. You give me a crowbar and a hammer and I can usually tear apart anything!  Do you know they use twisted nails in those things?  For those of you girly homesteaders that have no idea what I am talking about. It would be like trying to pull a screw out of a board. I say use screws! At least then I could get them out!!

So my day consisted of removing two boards off that pallet before I decided it’s not worth it at this point.  With the ground still too frozen to run fencing for my rotational grazing, I hung out with the kittens and chickens. I cleaned out my garden of the old tomato plants, took out the tomato cages, and pulled up my landscape cloth between my rows.  At least part of the day was productive!

(Mike I need tips or I’m going to grab a saw and just cut down the sides!)    🙂

Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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15 thoughts on “Pallets my eye

  1. I’ve always wondered about all those amazing pallet projects I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have seen so many pieces of “pallet art” on Pinterest…I too wonder who the heck these people are that make taking a pallet apart look like child’s play!

  3. May I suggest building the tractor out of WHOLE pallets? Use two on top of eachother in each corner, then add even MORE nails to those suckers and stick ’em together along the bottom. Then run your wire around it like normal. It’ll be the most sturdy animal tractor you have! Make it big enough and goats can go in it!

  4. dreadymama

    Lol!!!! We just tore apart 125 pallets this week and built raised garden beds…we have about that many more to do so my man can build a new chicken coop!!! 🙂 some of them are tough for sure, but we have a system. We sit them on my husbands saw horses and we hammer off the ends, then hammer the middle, then hammer the other end. All that is left on the sawhorses then are the boards, but we have to then turn them over, hammer the nails backwards so we can pull them out…then put them in a pile….we then have all the boards for good wood, the chunky parts for bonfires, and we reuse a lot of the nails that aren’t too rusty or bent!! 🙂 It is soooo worth it for the free wood!!! 😀 good luck!!

  5. Cuttin’ down the side isn’t a bad idea. I have a 40% destroy rate on my pallets. Using a pry bar or claw hammer is nearly useless. I work from the inside out. I stand the pallet up tall and give the boards a few whacks from the inside. Once you have one removed, you can alternate sides until the supports loosen – then I bend and twist. A lot of the boards crack and break. You have to know how to hit them right and which ones aren’t worth saving. You hit those harder and smash them. Believe it or not, my best results come from having my kids do it. Their light tappings really seem to work best. Doesn’t work for me, though. I wail on ’em.

    What you and I both need is this:


    • That tool is awesome looking! My pallets don’t have the edge on the ends so not sure how that tool would work because he didnt use it that way. Well I guess I will just keep working at the pallet and dont worry too much if some gets destroyed. Maybe it is just this particular pallet that hates me.

      • It’s the twisty nails. They were born of spite! I’m actually going to work on a ghetto version of the pryer with a metal stake I got on the dump. I’m going to prop it on a log and run over it with the front end loader to get the bend I want. 😉

      • Make sure you post pictures of it when you’re done!

      • The process of doing it will be more interesting. It’s a big front end loader!

  6. thatoldschoolgirl

    Glad it seems by the post and the comments that I am not the only one. 🙂
    In case you need more ideas. I couldn’t change the title. 😦

  7. Hi! I love your blog and just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. I most definitely hear you! I did the same thing with some pallets I scored for free this past summer. I figured I’d just head out there and have all 10 disassembled in about an hour. Try 1! I was exhausted! I finally ended up re-doing my design for my project and taking the circular saw to them!

  9. thatoldschoolgirl

    I have a question for all those that have made a comment – do you store the pallets for future use and if so where/how? I can get free ones on a weekly bases but I wont be able to use them until mid summer. I was told by a friend if I started to collect them now, my back yard would start to look like I was a hoarder.

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