Garden Shares

So I did it, I started my first CSA..kinda lol.  We are planning a move this summer. I did such a good job not eating on my stash of garden stuff two years ago that last years canning was more than enough for us this winter. I still have a lot left and it will be plenty for next winter.  I wasn’t sure what to do with my garden. I love to garden. I have to have one this year.

My brilliant plan came while looking on Local Harvest.  People were doing CSA’s which are Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture. It’s eating local.  Farms sell packages of produce..some sell other things like pork, beef and other things.  It is a great idea for a large farm. They do minimal work and then make a nice profit. Local Harvest is a great place to find farms in your surrounding area. Check them out here.

I only have an acre..but good thing for me, I have a nice size garden on that acre.  I need nothing but corn. So I decided to plant half my garden with corn.  The other half my garden I decided to sell garden shares.  I only have enough for 4 plots.  I am selling 8 x 25 plots for $100 each.  I also made an order form. I listed the veggies I would grow, the price per batch along with the approximate amount of that vegetable.  I also, on that order form, included at the bottom that we would have stewing hens, turkeys, roosters, and lamb for sale. This should get them thinking.

At first I thought no one would bite.  My mom and I sat down. I knew about what each plant produces and so we tried to price according to what they would buy at the store. I thought it was fair. Besides this was going to be grown organically and with love! By love I mean my sweat and tears in the hot hot sun.  Still, you have to remember I am in a very small town. They are mostly older folks who are on limited income.  I also offered free things and will give out more if my garden produces more.  I want those who buy from me this year to know that I appreciate their help with buying the house.

Well to my surprise, I got someone to buy a share the same day!  I let them know they could swap out some veggies for others not listed if they did not like certain ones or if they didn’t need need as much of certain ones.  It’s about being flexible.  I hope this brings more families who want to eat healthy and I hope it brings more sales through our other animals in the fall.  My hope this year is all the money I put into researching and trying rotational grazing with more animals will at least cause me to break even financially.  If I come out ahead that is an added bonus and I will consider it a blessing from the Lord.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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6 thoughts on “Garden Shares

  1. Love this idea! Hope it works out for you. 🙂

  2. maplecreekcottage

    So you grow the plot for them, and they get the harvest?
    However this is working – wish I lived closer to you! We could share!

  3. Inspiring! I hope to do something similar (on a smaller scale) someday. Keep us updated!

  4. Gina

    Eileen what a great idea. Good for you.

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