Inspired by other bloggers and my inner self, I thought I would write a post about dreams.  Not the kind you have at night, although some great dreams have come from dreams. I’m talking about the kind that set goals for you.  Everyone needs to dream. It’s how things get done. Someone had to dream about one day making a way to light a room when it was dark. Someone had to dream about talking to someone in another country through some sort of device. Someone had to dream of writing blogs for the whole world to see!

Dreams are wonderful things.  Unfortunately there are some people who feel dreams are a waste of time.  My husband would fall into this category. There is a really good reason for this, I am a mega dreamer.  I get ideas of things I want to do, build, make, use..only to 90% of the time give up on said dream because it wasn’t what I thought.  His argument is why even dream if you dont stick with it? My argument is how do you know if you want to stick with it if you don’t dream?!  See the problem here?   🙂

We have decided on big dreams like where we want to live, how we see our homestead operating, what we want for the homestead.  The smaller details are mostly my dreams and he shakes his head.  I have just learned to be selective with my dreams now and run them through the husband filter.  I try things that don’t cost a lot of money. I try things that might improve finances. I try things that I can hide all the evidence of said dream before he gets home if it doesn’t work out!   😉

Either way, I refuse to quit dreaming simply because others don’t share my enthusiasm. Don’t let that stop you either. I say Dream, Dream, Dream away!  Try anything and everything you want to.  Without dreams life would be nothing, boring, and to me pointless.  

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