God’s Timing

Our society has a Right Now! attitude.  We want it all right now or we will just…die or something.  Having things right now isn’t always in God’s plan.  Recently I was talking with a friend.  We are both super excited to start homesteading and feel like we are stuck where we are.  Of course neither of us seem to be patient. Although God has really worked patience into me over the last few years..waiting for a year for my dream homestead just seems wrong!

My husband and I have wanted to be farmers for a long time. When we first bought this house we thought we could easily talk the older couple who owned the 10 acres around us, into selling it.  It’s been 13 years since we’ve asked.  We bring it up on occasion and he always says, “I don’t want to take it away from the farmer who is farming it, he needs that income. I promise it’s yours when I die.”  Is it in his will, no.  He has 8 children.  We know all his kids and love them, but if he goes and then she goes….the chances are slim the kids would all agree to sell it to us.

We had to make up our mind that we were going to find something different.  We found a gorgeous 22 acre piece of property that was for sale around June and went to look at it in August.  My husband is very picky about where he wants to live. If you saw our house now, you’d wonder why lol.  I prayed that if this was meant to be our property that my husband and I would both love everything about it and both want to move there.  That in itself was a miracle.  We both left feeling great.  Then we went to the bank….

The news was not good. Not only did we need to raise the credit score to the FHA allowed, we found out the house would not qualify for FHA(3.5% down), that we would have to put 5% down and go conventional. Again this meant an even higher credit score plus more than double what we had to try to save to put down.  We asked him to figure a house payment for the amount they wanted for the house and the amount we wanted to pay for it.  That was horrid news too by the way.   😯   The house payment would be double our current one and that was for the amount we wanted to pay.  The amount they wanted for the house was not a do-able payment figure…sigh…

Sometimes in life you need a miracle.

Miracles however happen in God’s timing, not ours.  The great thing is, while we are waiting on that miracle, we have hope it will happen!  Patience is a virtue they say.  Great..I’ll learn that virtue later, give me patience now! lol  I have known for quite some time that, as God is growing my patience, I need help.  I need little signs he is working, so it will help me keep what little patience I have.

God has been faithful in providing me that, every time I’ve asked.  So far the signs have been as follows. Oh by the way if you ask for signs to help you, also ask for you to be able to see them.   😉

  • the house has been on the market for two years, we found this out sort of a sneaky way, but it reassures us that they might be more willing to take our lower amount that we can afford to pay
  • we found an app to monitor our credit so we sort of know our score and how close we are to it
  • Having all the info made my hubby and I talk about finances, we set a budget and are able to save a fairly large sum each month starting in Feb.
  • we are getting a nice tax check..thanks kids   😀
  • my medical bills which resulted from my procedure are going to collections-from the small hospital, which you would think is bad but not really because it frees up a large sum of money being paid to the hospital and lowers that payment so more can be saved-plus my credit doesnt matter for this new home.
  • the major bill from a larger hospital apparently has a very nice 3 year, interest free payment plan, which will remove the thousands we owe them from one lump sum = more money to save
  • the house is currently off the market= no market, no buyers to worry about
  • the realtor is due to come off the house around April…we will go talk to them about waiting and hopefully they will agree, and all will fall into place around the time he is no longer taking the 6+% out of their pocket- again might agree to sell it cheaper

It all seems to be falling into place. Into a better place, I should say, than if we would have could have bought it back in June.  God’s timing is perfect.  He is all knowing and already has seen the plan succeed and is on to the next plan.  We just have to trust in him and be patient, even though we sure don’t want to be.


Happy Patient Homesteading!!   😀

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