Communication is extremely important in relationships.  Sometimes in life, it gets put on the back burner.  You get busy, spouse comes home, you eat, watch tv, go to bed, and the next day it starts the same..over and over.. Somewhere along your way things go awry. All of a sudden you find yourself wondering if this is where your life was suppose to be headed. You don’t seem to be on the same page anymore.

Communication is not just important for running your family, but it’s important for your homestead.  It is a good idea to sit down at least once a week and talk.  Talk about how you are feeling and the things that are bothering you about your spouse.  If nothing is bothering you that is great, but better safe than sorry.  If emotions are left unchecked, they build up till one of you cant take it anymore.

So are you and your spouse on the same page??  Homesteading requires same page ideas.  You don’t want to get 5 pigs if your spouse hates pigs and wanted to raise rabbits.  You don’t want your spouse buying materials to butcher animals at home when you don’t want to help with that whatsoever and would like them done in a facility.

I have seen on many homesteading blogs, a suggestion for a written 5 year plan.  I think this is a great idea.  I would suggest making a sketch 5 year plan, and a detailed 1 year plan.  Ask your spouse to think of 5 things they would like to do in the next year for the homestead and then think of 5 yourself.  This will help open up a dialog of topics you might not have thought of.

My husband and I, at this point, have our 5 year plan as, “Not to be here, but to be on a bigger homestead”  Once we get there we will make another 5 year plan.  We do have a plan for this year because we will be stuck on this homestead for at least 4 more months from now.  We honestly don’t have a written plan.  We talk alot and usually run everything by each other before we start.  We made a verbal year plan at the beginning of the year.

To help you start a conversation for your homestead, here are some questions to ask.  There will be more that you think of, but that is the point of the list. Start talking and decide what you will do together and separate on the homestead.

  1. Is this the place you want to live long term?
  2. If you could do anything you wanted on this homestead what would you do?
  3. What animals do you want to raise?
  4. Will we raise them for food or another purpose?
  5. Will we process ourselves for us or have them sent and sell the meat?
  6. How and where will we house them? How will this change in different seasons?
  7. How will we feed them? What kind of feed, organic, nature provided, regular?
  8. What sort of fencing do you want to use? permanent, temporary, both?
  9. Where on the homestead should the fencing be?
  10. Do you want to grow a garden? What size, what produce, do you sell or not, if so where?
  11. Who will be doing chores for what? in the home, outside the home
  12. How will we heat the home? How will we obtain fuel? Is this sustainable?
  13. What are some ideas on how to reduce costs on the homestead?
  14. What are some ideas on how to make money on the homestead?
  15. How will we deal with this homestead when we retire? will it still be able to generate income? is our homestead sustainable even through retirement?

There are tons of questions that could be and should be talked about.  Opening a dialog about what chores will be done by which person, what the other person wants for the homestead, where you both see yourself later down the road, and if plans are sustainable, will stop a lot of fights that could occur down the road.  Be sure to talk to each other when you feel the other person isn’t holding up their end of the homestead work.  You don’t want to feel like you are doing everything all the time.  It should be a team effort and if it seems to be going off in a wrong direction, it might be time to change your plans and have another talk.  You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your spouse about anything, if you are, it’s time to have a talk about why that is.   😉


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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