Do you know your Neighbor?

It amazes me the amount of people who don’t know their neighbors.  Back in the old days, people always knew their neighbor. They depended on each other to help with fires, raising barns or houses, watching children if they needed to make a long trip, food sharing, finding people lost in a snow storm..the list goes on.

Today no one seems to know their neighbor. The world is a different place they say.  Well who made it different??..we did.  It was our choice not to get to know people and ask for their help when we needed it.  When did it all of a sudden become ok not to bring cookies or a pie to the family moving in?  I understand that you maybe busy or not have a lot of time, but there is always 5 minutes to walk over and say hi.  Even if you are the one moving in, go meet the neighbors.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to count on my neighbors.  I live on a dead end road.  When a car is just sitting down our road..its not a good thing.  I have everyone’s phone number on my road. I simply call or text and ask them if they know about the car.  When someone sees all of us standing at our window watching them slowly drive by..they get the picture.  I’ve called the police a few times because my neighbor wasn’t home and someone was walking around their yard and they weren’t expecting anyone.  It’s common courtesy I say.  We have borrowed vehicles to get to doctor appointments, borrowed the “cup of sugar”, taken neighbors to the store, changed tires, got/given jump starts.  It just makes good homesteading sense to know your neighbors.

Now when I say get to know your neighbors I need to put in a warning.  Proverbs 25:17 says, ‘Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house–too much of you, and he will hate you.”   We have a neighbor that we got to KNOW..I mean spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  It was not a good situation.  We were too close.  We went over almost every day. Their choices made them complain, but they didnt see what they were doing wrong!  It is possible to know your neighbor too much.  We ended up having a huge fight and because we lived across the street it made it extremely hard living.  We are finally, after about 10 years, able to be civil towards each other.  We lost that relationship.

My suggestion is get to know the family-how many kids, what pets, the pet’s names, when they moved in, when they work, what their hobbies are. In exchange give them the same information.  It is not a one day conversation or they may think you are a stalker or a thief!  All these things are important.  You can watch their back, find a lost pet, watch for their kids name in the paper, pick up kids from school if the parents are sick, borrow tools, trade hobby services.  The one thing I would definitely stay away from is financial information.  Once you become financially involved, even with friends, it drives you nuts how they spend money, the complaints you get, the envy you possess.  Get to know them well enough you know them as a friend, but don’t know them so well that they drive you nuts like your family.   😉


Happy Neighborly Homesteading!!   😀


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One thought on “Do you know your Neighbor?

  1. I know the feeling about knowing everybody on your street as we live on a dead end road too and with only 5 families on the road counting ours knowing everyone for emergencies is a very good idea. Even for just giving each other a hand where it may or may not be needed. Even if you aren’t on the best of terms with the people you live with. I know that the one family that lives near the cross road that likes being by themselves. I do know if they saw something wrong with my kids while they wait for the school bus they’ll either do something or come get me. It’s good to know that it will happen and sad that when I did live in the city it happened very little.

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