Special Education Services

Ok I’m just going to say one more thing about the public school system.  I hate it. There lol. Ok it is more of the Special Education Service part I hate.

When we started homeschooling both my children had IEP’s from the public school.  I decided I would continue these because my goal was to eventually place them back into public school around high school.  I wanted them to be able to have things in place at that time and why not? The school has to give you some services even if you don’t go there. There are tax dollars allotted for just such students.

We had been scheduled speech services for my older boy and they were to work on vocabulary building. We went 1 time a week for 20 minutes, during lunch time by the way.  The younger boy was to be monitored by phone every two weeks on his progress through the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  I highly recommend this for any dyslexic child. It was a package sent from heaven. You can teach it yourself and I promise it WILL make a difference.  Anyway, when the time came for him to be able to read fairly well, he would go to the school to receive reading intervention.

We started in August.  I stopped today.  I denied all services.  Why you ask??  Well of course I’m going to tell you.  First off, I have given this school multiple chances to help my kids. Why I thought they would all of a sudden is beyond me, but you know..hope, caring for kids, and all that  stuff…

The speech therapist, bless her heart, is really nice.  I just didn’t see any difference in this 5 month time.  Lack of progress reports and lack of letting me know what was going on was really frustrating.  I am the teacher.  Had this been in the school setting, a call, a letter, a meeting would have occurred between her and the teacher..so why not me..I’m the teacher.  When I was in the room and we were leisurely talking she told me that she has noticed my son having a harder time focusing.  She said she’s noticed it for a while now.  So why wasn’t I told. Honestly he does have a harder time focusing because we are med free, she knew that going in, but that is not the point.  Why does it take me saying I’m denying services because I don’t see it working, for you to tell me it’s not your fault..it’s his lack of focus.  Ok sure blame my child because you can’t hold his attention for 20 minutes playing learning games.

My second child was supposed to receive calls every two weeks.  Yeah..sure.. I received a welcome call. She talked to me, she talked to my son..a sort of get to know you call.  Then 3 weeks later I received a call on our way to a field trip in September.  I have not received a call, letter, or anything since.  It is January people.  Do you realize how many calls should have taken place??  Had she called she would have realized that we were already working in real books now.  She would have known that we were reading 3rd grade books and working up to 4th grade books.  She would have realized that he should have been in reading intervention for about two months now.  Why didn’t I call her you ask?  It’s not my job.  My job is to teach my child. Her job, that she gave herself mind you, was to call and get an update every two weeks.  The other school had only done once a month.  If she knew her schedule was busy why did she suggest every two weeks.  She just didn’t have time for my child, plain and simple.

So there is my story. My children will never go back to our district public school. If I put them in high school it will be in an online school without services.  It is just sad that the educational system is failing children.  They wonder why we want to homeschool.  I hope that my children never have to go through what I have.  I know by God’s grace my children will be everything they were meant to be even without credentials after my name.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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13 thoughts on “Special Education Services

  1. I am homeschooling my 5yr right now. We are 1/2 grade ahead of where he would be in the local school but I can tell you that my curriculum is much more advanced than there so by their standards he is probably a full year ahead. I was planning on homeschooling through elementary and then enrolling in public school but I have heard so many horror stories in my area and online that I am now committed to continueing for as long as I am capable. I expect to be able to get through high school with them. One of nice things that I realized was that if I am teaching from grade K to 12 that all the stuff I forgot from school I get to learn all over again. I don’t think I can just jump into 12th grade math but I can sure re-learn starting at the basics!

    It is really a shame that the school doesn’t have their act together better. Through my rose colored glasses I would like to think that the public school system isn’t that bad but there are a lot of stories just like yours that really have me convinced that it is that bad!

    • I have spent the last two years trying to catch my kids up to grade level! At this point I cant imagine being beyond. One child is close to his own grade and probably will be fine in his grade next year, but the youngest with dyslexia will be behind still with a few subjects. I know I can give more individual attention which the school cant. That keeps me going rather than knowing their approach was retention.

  2. maplecreekcottage

    Good for you! Way to put your foot down!
    Although I am not homeschooling, it’s a topic that often makes it’s way into the conversation more and more lately. We’ll see what our future holds, but you are definitely an inspiration!

    • I never saw myself homeschooling either,but the more frustrated I became with the school and the more my kids were falling farther behind, I just realized I could do a better job. Its not for everyone. I am a product of public school and think its ok for some..just not mine.

  3. The school district dropped off some of their newsletters to my store yesterday and I was reading one of them killing time I showed Emily something written in there and said, “This sums up our school system.” Naming off the board members names, top of the list is the “Pesident”. Just saying it is fun!

    • That’s funny. I’m sure there are people who read my blog and wonder why I homeschool. I try to catch mistakes and grammar things, but I really don’t care as long as my message gets across. lol.

      • I have never seen a typo on your page! Keep schooling! 🙂

      • It’s only because I sit for hours proofing every single posts..ok maybe not proofing for hours but with the distractions the kids it is actual hours before one gets scheduled.

  4. A timely post. I have considered lately whether or not to take my son out of public school. He just can’t seem to adjust….and he just isn’t like other kids. I have wondered if anyone else homeschooled even though their child needed special services as mine does. He’s also on medications which don’t seem to be working.
    My problem is that my own attention span is that of a gnat and I am not the most patient person either!

    • Our homeschool day consist of a subject, 15 minute break, subject, 15 minute break, subject, half hour lunch, subject done. Most days anyway.. we dont do a few subjects everyday. We do science three days, Ss the other two. Art once a week. It’s not about sitting on your butt for hours on end like a school. If you both need a break take it! You dont even have to learn with books if you don’t want. There are dvd’s, netflix, cd’s, walks in the park, the library, field trips. There are communities on facebook that homeschool special needs. I don’t know exactly what your child has trouble with, but you should surround yourself with like minded people. Check out your library and see if they know any homeschooling families. Even if you don’t homeschool at the moment they can provide a lot of information.

      • Thanks.
        Michael has pervasive developmental delay and ADHD. He cries at school constantly over everything from not understanding what the teacher says to going to the “wrong” playground. Medications aren’t working, teachers are at their wit’s end though they’ve done everything they could to try and help him. We, at home, don’t know what to do either. Homework is a problem. It’s a fight and he cries. The psychologist says he needs a totally different type of learning than the normal school system provides and while they have tried to accomodate him as best they can, they can’t just change every single thing to suit him.
        It’s a mess…just a mess.

      • I think he needs a different environment as well. If you arent sure what or how to homeschool you could try an online school. I know a lady who uses an online school to teach her son with aspergers. He is doing well and she can give him the breaks he needs. School isnt the best place for everybody. He needs to learn about what he is interested in and to be able to take his time. When you homeschool there is no homework because you get it done in your day as the lesson. I would suggest homeschooling a year or at the very least trying an online school where he can be home. That option probably would have homework and you’ll have projects and stuff that will need to be done. There are many homeschool curriculums you could try. You just need to know how your child learns. My children are very visual and so I chose curriculum that is a dvd style. Its not all that way but it helps break up the day.

  5. Thanks very much. I think I will give this a little harder thought and then talk to my boyfriend about it. We really do have to do something….

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