Future Milking

Yeah I know we don’t even have our other house yet and wont for a while, but it’s fun to see how much it will cost you for your dreams.   🙂  One of the first animals we will get will be cows.  Should we move this summer as planned, we will have sheep, chickens, and turkeys already.  The following spring we would plan on purchasing a calf.

I haven’t decided how ready I am for the whole milking thing.  I know I want to drink my own milk rather than drive 15 minutes and pay someone else to do the work.  For how long I want to do this, I don’t know lol.  So just for fun I thought I’d look up how much one of those portable one cow milkers are.  The lady I get my milk from has one. She says even her kids can do it which saves her time.  Now because she is a Mennonite, her kids are like freak of nature farm hands that actually do work because they are suppose to and not have to be told a million times. They are not always on Minecraft, Xbox, or watching Netflix. So a Mennonite child at age 7 is out there running machinery that I highly doubt I’d have confidence in letting my 12 year old run.  I’d be afraid he’d do something to make the cow remember for the rest of it’s days, that it hates milking.

So again for fun..lol I looked one up.  Well it’s neat looking…

However it is $1995.95.   SSSOOOO looks like if I get a cow it will be milked by hand.  I am sure my boys can handle that   😉


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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