Spring Fever

Boy do i have it bad. I want to get outside and start doing things…but last week it was -2 overnight…sigh..  Yesterday I wrote about Joel Salatin.  I am ordering his book Salad Bar Beef.  I can’t put beef out on our 1 acre, but I am putting sheep.  They will be followed by chickens and then turkeys.  The problem is that the lambs are coming in like a month and a half. It’s still going to be cold.  I need to order fencing.

The fencing he recommends is Premier.  It’s not any more expensive then the big rolls of wire I was lugging around that constantly needed moved to mow our actual lawn.  The problem is it is step in.  Now you tell me how with feb temps being below freezing am I going to step this in?!  Now I did plan ahead of time and I have 1 huge paddock they can roam in but…

Winter needs to leave!!  I hate the cold and snow and below freezing temps.  I hate the howling wind that cuts through you like a knife.  I have things to do Jack Frost.  I have plans that need executed Old Man Winter!

SSSOOOOOO on with the plans.  I actually got out my garden seeds yesterday.  I usually don’t do it till end of Feb.  Then I make the Flower store hurry and order their seeds because someone is calling and asking for them already lol.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not but I start my garden on St. Patricks day.



I sat down with my computer and looked up all my seeds to see which ones were heirloom and to make sure none were GMO. I’m happy to report that 90% of my seeds are heirloom.  I do save some but honestly I have not been faithful about it.

So Mary, Mary Eileen, Eileen quite contrary, how does your garden grow?  Well certainly not with Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells. Those are a waste of space!  The only pretty that goes in my garden is Marigold.  It keeps certain bugs and the moles away.  I usually take my garden and split it into 4 parts that rotate to the left every year. The sections are planted according to when the veggies need to be planted.

Here are some pictures of my garden plan from two years ago. This first picture are the perennials. Cabbage goes after the strawberries until the strawberries fill out.

frontofgarden (1)4thpartofgarden (1)3rdpartofgarden (1)



2ndpartofgarden (1)1stpartofgarden (2)

The very back part of the garden that wasnt labeled is split in two and rotated between corn and green beans.

I have started the habit of saving all the chicken manure/shavings and putting them into covered composting areas (the osb board you see above) then once I start planting rows, I make big paths using the shavings.  It is too “hot” to put on my plants but kills grass really well. It lasts about half the season and usually one half of the garden looks nice and the other is full of weeds.  What I also do is make a manure barrel.  I need to make it all pretty with decorations but right now it’s an ugly black barrel.

Every year I need fertilizer. I do not have a way to get any on a spring basis to do the entire garden at once.  My remedy to this was to build a manure barrel.  So now is the time you get to hear how winded I sound even though I’m not, which is why I make minimal videos lol.  So here is my manure barrel and it serves me well except I need a screen inside.

Manure Barrel

So there you have a little of what I do in my garden.  I can’t until St. Patty’s day to get started on this years garden!!


Happy Homesteading!!  😀


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11 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. It never gets that green here! Your place is gorgeous! I, too, am getting real antsy for Spring!

  2. I am so ready for summer. I’ve been planning my garden for the last two weeks. I have to wait until mid-April, though. Except I’m sneaking out greens earlier in pots and will bring them in at night.

    • You can plant peas in the snow! I’ve done it my friend. If you live in zone 5, which apparently I do from most charts, you just wipe away the snow and put them in the ground. A few years ago there was a lot of snow that time of year. I scraped away the snow, and let it sit in the sun for a bit, then took my hoe and got it just enough I could cover it up with dirt. I planted and they all came up!

  3. thatoldschoolgirl

    I start my garden on St. Patricks day

    lucky you….I can’t plant outside without a cold frame before the end of May

    • I live in zone 5. You can plant peas in the snow and they will grow!

      • thatoldschoolgirl

        I am so jealous lol

        Mind you I do like my snow but several feet of it would make planting a challenge. I live in zone 6a or 6b. Depends on what map I look at for which zone I am in.

  4. AAHHHH! We’re looking into fence right now as well. Salatin is one cool dude!

  5. maplecreekcottage

    I wish we could “Like” comments!
    Keep up the writing, you are obviously inspiring more than just you and I!! Can’t wait to see and hear of updates of your indoor/outdoor early garden.

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