Joel Salatin

He’s the man!  That’s it..end of blog.  Ok not really and you could already tell because obviously this expands down the page lol.  Joel Salatin is my hero.  For those of you who don’t know who he is..this is him.

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms

He’s a lunatic farmer. He will admit that himself.  His way of using the land to produce grassfed animals is just amazing.  He has written many books, has tours of his farm, does speaking events, and has many Youtube videos.  Everything he does is what we all should be doing.  He’s found a way to stay in business when many renegade farmers cannot.

The FDA and the USDA are extremely powerful.  They have the authority to come onto your property for no reason what so ever, take all your livestock because “someone” filed a complaint..which could be no one at all, and then euthanize all of them.  They can put you out of business in the blink of an eye because we are poor people with little power.  We do not have the right to eat what we want in America.  We cannot legally buy or sell raw milk in many states.  We cannot buy raw cheese in many states.  We cannot sell a simple chicken to the next door neighbor who asked to buy it without jumping through a ton of loops.  It is very ridiculous to me that we have no choices.  We are suppose to eat chemical laden, pesticide filled, bacterial food because it is deemed “safe”.

To me eating safe is knowing exactly where your food came from, who processed it, and being able to go watch them do it, or help them even!  I make this point because in my journey, that the Lord has called me to, I will end up being a rebel.  My overall plan is to use the Joel Salatin farm model.  Splitting my, hopefully this year, farm into several parcels and raising grassfed beef.  After the cows are done with a pasture and have eaten the grass to the bottom of the teen stage, then a few days later the free range chickens take over.  They spread the manure while picking bugs out and produce eggs..same with turkeys and if you so choose to raise, broilers.  I plan on raising pigs that while young are turning the compost piles that have grown over winter with kitchen scraps.  Then turned out on pasture to eat fresh grass, shrubs, and insects.  Finally to finish them in the woods, using them to clear out brush and spark new grass growth, all the while they are eating acorns, walnuts, berries, shrubs and anything else they find.

Why is it so hard for our government to understand that we have a RIGHT to eat what we deem healthy.  If my neighbor is processing a deer in his kitchen, I should have a right to buy it if I choose.  If I have a cow, and milk it, I should be able to sell that milk.  How are we going to take care of each other if the government won’t let us make a living? Oh that’s right, the government will take care of us….  I suppose I could give it away, but I should be able to ask a price for my labor and my time processing.

I want to encourage all of you to be like Joel.  Maybe not in every sense of the practices, but to follow his model.  Be a lunatic farmer who demands the right to grow, sell, and eat what we choose, not what is chosen for us. This growing season I will still be living on my little acre plot, but I plan to use pasture rotation with sheep, followed by chickens and turkeys.  Yes I am selling this food to my neighbors.  I will grow an organic garden and I will sell those things too.  If I have to jump through hoops to do it, so be it.  If I have to end up trading things with people, so be it.  I will drink raw milk. I will make cheese. I will sustain myself as best I can on my little acre.

To end my rant I am posting a few links so that you too can be inspired by Joel to be a lunatic..a rebel… a “deemed unfit for human consumption” eater!

Polyface Farms 

Farm visit with Joel part 1                                               Farm visit with Joel part 2

Farm visit with Joel part 3                                            Farm visit with Joel part 4

Processing a chicken-how to with Joel

Some Books Joel Salatin has written(There are many more):

  • You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise
  • Salad Bar Beef
  • Pastured Poultry Profits
  • Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories From the Local Food Front

Eye Opening Movies Joel has starred in:

  • Farmageddon
  • Food Inc.


Happy Lunatic Homesteading!!   😀

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13 thoughts on “Joel Salatin

  1. maplecreekcottage

    We have been drooling over the ideas that Joel has expressed on his videos. What a dream to move towards the Polyface Farm lifestyle! Although we will not be as large scale, we can take the fundamentals from the jobs we wish to focus on; they’ve set up a great example for us to model after. I’m so glad you’ve written about this!! Geez, is it only January!!

    • I have total spring fever. As I read your comment about how it is only January it is 50 degrees right now lol. 60 tomorrow then back to the coldness of winter. I only live on one acre right now but that is the beauty of Joels model, it scales down!

  2. We love him! We’ve seen him in the mentioned documentaries and fell in love with the way he farms! Such a natural way to raise animals. So sad that the rest of the world isn’t following suit.

    • Every day I drive past fields and fields of corn field stripped out and then paddocks of cows standing in muddy messes eating hay and corn. Why these farmers dont use his methods are beyond me! What a waste.

  3. I was watching a few videos featuring him last night. He is the real deal!

  4. We had lunch with him last summer while hearing him speak. Extremelly down to earth man. Just love his idea, especially, “everything I want to do is illegal!” Ain’t that the truth?

    • Did you go to the insanity tour or something like that? So jealous you got to meet him. He is offering tours this year but I’m not spending $700 to see him when I want the house first. We are however going to swing by his farm around end of aug/beginnning of september to check it out. It’s sad that everything he wants to do is illegal. It should be up to the consumer where they buy their food. As long as they know that it is not a USDA inspected facility, it should still be our choice.

      • no, a farmer here put on the event and we bought tickets to go. They were about $130 and then Nancy paid for my farm to table dinner at the same place. So we were with him the whole day and it was a real intimate crowd. So inspiring!

      • wordpress needs a like button lol. So officially I “like” your comment.

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  6. Aw, you found Joel. Isn’t he a hoot? His books are one of the top holds requested at our local library. And I love his straight-forward youtube vids. He’s really made a difference in how I am planning our future livestock endeavors.

  7. Well…I am going to have to check this guy out! Sounds like I am going to love him too!!! Thanks!

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