Skill: Blacksmith

Fairly recently my children have been learning to bend and twist and mold steel into wonderful things.  The art of the Blacksmith is almost non-existent.  I honestly didn’t think it existed anymore but there is an actual association!  My kids started doing this about September of 2011.  A friend, who lives in another town, came across a flyer.  It stated that the local museum was holding classes every second saturday of each month.  Anyone was invited to come.  The cost was free will donation for the coal and metal. I asked the kids and they both thought it would be cool.

The first project he taught the boys was to make an S hook.  It took them forever!  It was really hard to learn exactly how to hit the metal to move it where you wanted. When all was said and done we had fairly nice little S hooks!



photo (1)


They have made a small S hook, large S hook, and a coat hanger hook.  The poor guy isnt really prepared, I don’t think, for other projects for them to do. The last time we went he had them do an S hook all alone with no help. The oldest got his done within a half hour. The other got discouraged because his hand was hurting and he accidentally bent it the wrong way and had to reheat and bend it all back.  It happens I guess lol.  I let them tag out early that day.  Overall I think it is a wonderful trade to learn. You can do so much with it!  Check around your local area and see if there are any classes you could take.  it is a great trade to learn for a homesteader!!


Happy Homesteading!!  😀

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