Homemade Tortillas

There is nothing like a tortilla to bring my kids running. It can only mean one thing..Taco’s!  Well now it means two things Enchiladas lol.  I have had this tortilla recipe since I was like 9ish. My mom used to make them, you know back in the day when she had time…so about twice a year lol.  As we got older we were allowed to help. We ate them more often then.  These are not soaked flour ones, but since we don’t eat them that much (like once every 3-4 months) I’m ok with it.  I use unbleached white flour for these. I have not tried wheat, but feel free to experiment!

First, Soften half a stick of butter. Make sure not to melt it.  You can use vegetable shortening if you want. It was in the original recipe but I’m not ok with shortening anymore..butter all the way!  Once the half stick is softened then you need to put in flour and cut it in like you do for a pie crust.  Add salt and baking powder and cut all that in too.  Then add in hot water. I cut that in also and once most of the dough is soft then I start kneeding.  Here is a pic of everything being cut in.



Once you get the dough ball kneaded, it will be slightly sticky. Place it on the counter for about 5 minutes. I just take that time to clean up my mess!  Then you need to divide that ball into 4 smaller ones.  Then with a rolling pin, roll them out THIN and wide. Mine come out about 12-14 inches.   You can either throw them into a pan right away or you can place a generous amount of flour between them and freeze them in a stack.   I have not done this personally. I have stacked them with flour and waited about 3 hours until it was closer to dinner time.

To cook these you can use the oven or use a skillet like I do. I use a 14 inch cast iron pan. I spray it lightly with cooking spray and then lay the tortillas inside.  You want the heat about medium and a hair on the low side. They cook fairly fast and you dont want them to burn..not that I would ever do that   😉  Once they are slightly brown on one side, take a fork and your finger (be careful!) and flip them, cooking on that side also.



They are stiff when you pick them up and you will notice they will not be doughy looking. They will be more white.  If you are not using these right away, take a plate and place a wet paper towel down and then lay the tortilla on it.  Place another wet paper towel down over it and make the next one. Layer the tortillas with wet paper towel and they will stay moist.  I also place foil over it all if it will be a little while.  Not all of us have tortilla keepers and besides I have to make huge ones because my kids eat a ton.

I actually double batch this for our family of 4. Each of us would get two good size taco’s and I can make enchiladas too because the recipe calls for 8.  Tomorrow I will post the recipe for the enchiladas   🙂


2 cups flour                    1 TBS baking powder

1/2 tsp salt                      1/4 c shortening or softened butter

2/3 c hot water



  1. Cut shortening and other ingredients into the flour with a fork.  Form into a dough ball and let sit 5 minutes.
  2. divide into 4 pieces for 12-14 inch tortillas, or 8 for 6 inch tortillas.
  3. Using a rolling pin, roll them out to very thin flat tortillas
  4. Warm in an oven at 250 or cook them in a skillet with a little cooking oil.


Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Tortillas

  1. Been looking for a great tortilla recipe! Thank you!

  2. Looooooove me some homemade tortillas – until the allergy presented itself. My mother in law is of Mexican descent. I’m talking full-on Mexican peasant food make you drool tortillas. Love ’em!

  3. I’ve often thought of making these myself. They seem so simple, but for some reason or other I never get to it.

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