Ginger Bug

In an earlier post I commented that I fed my ginger bug.  This is not a bug per say. I hate bugs. This is a cute sweet ginger bug lol.  I was searching for fermented things on the net when I came across this lady who uses the ginger bug to make ginger ale and also uses it to start ferments.  When I got my Nourishing Traditions (NT) book I found a similar bug, but put it was in a recipe for ginger beer.

Ginger Bug- take a glass container, 1/2 gallon will work.  Chop up 1 inch of ginger, add 1 TBS sugar and 2 Cups of water.  Cover with cheesecloth or coffee filter and let sit. Everyday for 7 days add about 1 inch of ginger and 1 TBS of sugar. That’s it!

Here is the link to her website. A Life Unprocessed

Here is my Ginger Bug.  She’s happily bubbling away!



Next step, Honey Wine!   Happy Homesteading!!   😀

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