The TOO productive yesterday

I am exhausted. I mean seriously, right now my head is pounding, my eyes are goopy, I could sleep for eternity, and I still haven’t finished yesterday.  I’m not complaining.  Ok, I am about the headache, but everything else I am glad.  This is a long read. I’m a chick, I include every detail.   😉

Yesterday I decided to be productive. I figured we are getting back into the swing of things for school Monday so I wanted to get a bunch of little things done.  I started off the day with church.  Without the Lord I am nothing!  I got home at 11:15. I had made some yogurt the night before and dad came over to claim his share.   🙂  So I spent the next half an hour, mixing, blending, separating shares, and taking with my dad.  Then the family had lunch.  Around noon I started unpacking the turkey we were having for dinner. I made stuffing and shoved it inside, seasoned the bird, and started it in the oven to cook for the next few hours.

While that was cooking I looked at the menu for tomorrow. I had to soak beans for taco soup.  So I washed out a large bowl and started my beans soaking.  I did what little dishes were there. I fed my ginger bug starter, I stirred and checked my soon to be apple cider vinegar, I transferred and fed a new sourdough starter, and I decided I was going to make a large batch of chicken liver pate.

I had to send my hubby to the store to get bacon but I soaked my livers in some milk while he was gone. Then I got on the internet and looked up breakfast muffins of some sort.  While I was waiting for him to get back I decided I would make those.  So I washed my horrible looking muffin tin (see how it glistens!) and when my tin was filled, I had to take out the turkey and pop in these guys.  They look very delicious.  I put them in the freezer for breakfasts later.


1 egg scrambled, put in tin, add chopped celery, cooked bacon pieces, and cheddar cheese, bake 350 for about 20-30 minutes.

When the husband returned they were done, the turkey was back in the oven, and I started on chicken liver pate.  I made this once because Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist (recipe link) said it was great. That I was going to love this.  So I made it and it took about 3 days for the flavors to sink in. I ate if faithfully and honestly at first I didn’t like it.  I added a bit more Sherry than she said and I also added milk to it. That helped.  So after a week of eating this pate, I decided I liked it.  My son also liked it and so I decided to make a double batch and freeze it in smaller containers.  Once you see the recipe you will realize you have to cut up a lot of bacon if you make a double batch. I actually sat with sissors and cut a pound of bacon.  I cut, chopped, and blended for a long while. Here is a picture of everything sitting to cool.


I had just finished making this and packing it away and the turkey was done.  It was now 3:30. I split the turkey apart to cool.  I made gravy and mashed potatoes and decided I was pooped out.  My plan was to crash on the couch. It was 4:30 and I wanted to zonk for at least a half hour. Well hubby came in and was bored so my nap turned into just relaxing. My feet were killing me from standing all day.

We sat down to a nice feast at 5. I told my husband, “I am done for the day. I’m tired and I’m not even going to do the dishes tonight.”   Then the phone rings.  Apparently God had other plans.  I almost let it go to voicemail, but the friend who calls knows we eat at this time and usually doesn’t call me at all unless it is important. We just text or facebook message.  So I answer it.  “Hey do you want a deer?”  We SOOOO needed a deer, so I had to say yes.

For all of you who don’t process your own, you have no idea what it takes.  For those of you who do, you know it takes a while.  So of course I have to tell her yes.  At our home, we do not really eat hamburger. We eat venison. I know that meat is free range and grassfed for the most part. (We live in Indiana, they are eating GMO corn from the field) We also do not have a place to hang a deer so we process it the same day.  So I called my mom. ( I always call my mom, two hands are better than one.)  She was less than thrilled because she was just coming off a two week vacation and her plan was to sit and relax tonight.  Well so was mine! Get over here mother.

I’ve joked with my mother that I won’t call her to process a deer once she is dead and that you can’t buy memories like this!  The deer arrived at 6:30. I am tired, I had to do all the dishes (two sinks full) and clear the table from our feast!  Guess where the deer goes at my home people, the kitchen table!

We start working on this deer.  She was HUGE.  She was like the great great grandma or something, been around a while, lived her life to the fullest and ate accordingly, even buck like! Well you get the picture.  We work and work. My back is killing me, my feet hurt, and my mom’s back and feet were killing her as well.  She said, “I’m too old for his!” I said, “Well apparently I am too!”  I’m 36 people.. Either this was God’s way of saying I’m getting you ready for spring and gardening or you’re fat, lose a little lol.  Either way we ended the night at 10 pm.  We just couldn’t take it anymore.  I cooked the neck in the crockpot all night because it wouldn’t fit in a bag. We took the front legs, placed them in a trash bag, and set them in the garage. We had already processed the rest.

I literally left the kitchen a horrid mess, me a horrid mess, and fell into bed.  Crud! I forgot all those turkey bones were going to be made into stock!!  Crawl out of bed, throw veggies into my canner, throw the turkey bones in the canner, apple cider vinegar, and had to wait until about 2 gallons of water came to a boil.  I turned down the  stove to let it simmer all night and finally went to bed.  Then of course the mental checklist starts..ok I did this, did I do this? yes ok hm..what else did I need to do? what do I need to do tomorrow?

Somewhere in all that I fell alseep.  I woke this morning to a scene in my kitchen of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre!  At least I had most of the deer in my freezer, but still have a lot to do today! BTW I slept in, wrote this blog, and now its 10 am lol. I still have to go get milk today, clean the kitchen, finish the deer, cook beans, and teach a day of school!  Goodness gracious!  I am thankful to be busy though, don’t get me wrong.

Happy Homesteading Peeps!   😀

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6 thoughts on “The TOO productive yesterday

  1. lekker

    wow – totally makes sense that you would be exhausted! we also process our deer so i understand that it takes hours. but it’s so worth it when you pull a nice package of venison out of the freezer. i may have to try the apple cider vinegar making process…

  2. Your day totally cracked me up, only because I have been there. At least up to the point of the deer.

  3. hahaha – busy day, indeed. The other night I was writing a post and it ended with pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp4pppppppppp4ppppppppppppp4ppppppppppppppppppppp.

    No kidding It was that kind of day. Good job making use of it!

  4. thatoldschoolgirl

    wow just reading it makes me tired

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