Nothing says Winter like a cold breeze blowing and snow on the ground.  I hate cold, but I’ve now have a way to fight it.   I make Chili!  My dad came over one day and said he was going to make chili. I thought cool. So I asked him, what are you putting in it.  He says, “One big can of chili beans, some deer, and a can of tomatoes.”  I looked at him funny.  I remember that chili growing up. It was good, but that is not how I want to make chili. It is too processed for me and I’m trying to switch to unprocessed food.  I’m sort of half way to the way I want to make chili.  I have a chili that is mostly homemade.

My mom and dad’s homemade is store bought everything and throw it into a pan.  Mine is a little more complex.  I try not to eat canned anything except things I can myself.  However if I REALLY tried I could do this chili entirely homemade, but well then I wouldn’t have time to clean the house or make other goodies.  So this is a mostly homemade recipe at the moment.


2 Quarts Canned Tomatoes

1/2 Chopped White Onion

2 lbs Ground Cooked Venison  (blood rinsed out prior to cooking-gets rid of the game taste)

About 4-5 cups Soaked Pinto beans (kidney beans are fine but are more expensive 😉  )

2 Cans of Condensed Tomato soup ( I’ll make this homemade next chili batch promise and I’ll post a recipe)

1/2 can of water from above cans

1 package of Mild Chili Seasoning ( I know MSG heaven. Next time..homemade)

Cook the pinto beans until they are tender. Mine took about 4-5 hours. Drain. Purée the Canned Tomatoes in the blender and pour into a cast iron dutch oven.(Can use a stock pot or other pot if you are cooking on stove top)  Add pinto beans to the pot along with the onions.  Add Tomato soup, the Chili seasoning, and cooked venison.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally.  I cooked mine on a woodburner in my living room with the lid off so that it would just simmer and not boil. After 5 hours I took it off and placed it on a ceramic tile trivet on my kitchen stove. I placed a lid on and let it cool slightly before we ate dinner.

This was the absolute best chili I have ever made. I don’t know if it was the cast iron, the woodburner slow cook, or a combo, but I’ve never had it taste that delicious on a stove top with a double handled pan.

Sorry I don’t have a picture. I always think about blogging after it’s delicious and gone!!  Tomorrow I’ll post the Tomato Soup recipe I have yet to make but I”m sure is delicious.

Happy Homesteading!! 😀


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2 thoughts on “Chili

  1. One of the things I did this year when canning tomatoes and making sauce was just to can a few quarts of tomato puree since I was doing up so many anyway. Saves me a little time this winter (though not much, but I really don’t like cleaning the blender) when I’m throwing together chili or stew.

    • I don’t rip apart my blender to clean it each time. I just squirt some soap in and swish it around with water and do a quick wash/rinse type of thing. I tried canning spagetti sauce last year though and found that it really isn’t that much work to just leave it on the stove all day lol. I was left with jars of sauce and needed tomatoes. This past year I only canned tomatoes.

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