Garden Glums

I REALLY want to start gardening.  It always happens around the new year.  I really hate snow.  Ok it’s not really the’s the cold. I hate cold. If it would snow and be 80, I’d be ok with that!  New years brings new resolutions..I will weed my entire garden faithfully.  They also bring reality checks from the last year…My garden was weeded faithfully till mid summer when it was hot and who wanted to go out there and all my plants are in and growing and all my weeds are getting bigger and I can’t keep up and I think I’m drowning in weeds but the plants seem to do ok but I gotta weed..tomorrow.. Phew…  Yeah, the reality is that I need a better weed control plan.

Last year wasn’t very bad. Look at my banner up top. That was my garden last year.  That was when everything was in and starting to grow..that was the best my garden looked.  Once it got hot and started to become a drought, I slacked.  I really do try, but there is so much to be done.  You should have seen me by the time my tomatoes got put in. I barely could walk through most of it. Usually during the year I take a weed eater in there and just start chopping down paths to walk through.  I still end up with plenty of harvest though so I must be doing ok.  God must have realized his mistake by not making me with the endurance of a camel and with 4 arms, so he helps by letting my garden do ok no matter how much I slack.

So enough on my horrible garden.  This is a new year and a new garden shall form. I shall conquer weeds!!  Ok probably not but while I’m dreaming of a green garden in the midst of snow and cold, there are some things I can do.  One is tell you that as you become a homesteader one of the best things you can do is keep track of what you can and how much you eat of it each year.  I usually do this on an excel spreadsheet.  Down the side I list everything I’ve canned. I usually list it in order of it being canned. Then across the top I write the year and at the end of canning season how much I have of each thing.  I use abbreviations such as jj for jelly jar, p for pint, and q for quart.  I usually don’t have to  use half gallon jars. I save those for dehydrated veggies.  At the end of winter make another column and write down what is left before you start canning again.  Leave the previous year on the spreadsheet when you add the next year.

Doing this, along with a garden plan, will help you determine how much of what you need to plant and about what you need to can each year.  In a later post I will upload my garden plan for last year and maybe this year if I get all ansy and need to plan already.  It will be before St. Patricks day because that is my first planting day.  I totally slacked this  year on the whole keeping track of my canning because it’s been 5 years and I know if I have enough now just by looking at it.

I had to redo my pantry area to fit in our chest freezer, so although we’ve been eating on this for at least 3 months now, here is what I have on hand. I have a family of 4 and we don’t always eat a veggy. We do eat a lot of soups though.


Potatoes are not pictures because they are on another shelf.

Again p=pint, jj= jelly jar, and q=quart


  • Strawberry Rhubarb 16 p
  • Rhubarb 3 p, 1 jj
  • Rhubarb Raspberry 6 p, 2 jj
  • Strawberry 6 p
  • Blackberry 5 p
  • Orange Marmalade 20 jj

Other items-

  • Carrots 52 p
  • corn 7 p
  • greens 8 jj
  • peas 1 p
  • pears 1 p
  • zucchini sweet relish 5 jj
  • bread and butter pickles 7 q
  • sweet pickles 5 q
  • chicken 11 q
  • broth 3 q
  • cabbage in tomato soup 12 q
  • tomatoes 24 p, 27 q
  • green beans 32 q, 7 p
  • potatoes 39 q, 1 p

I also dehydrate a lot of stuff, but I won’t list it.  I also list things that I’ve given someone like my parents. That way you know how much your garden is producing even though it’s not on your shelf.

Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Garden Glums

  1. thatoldschoolgirl

    I am suffering from garden withdrawal as well. Have you considered putting down mulch to cut down on the weeding and watering?

    Love the idea of logging the canned items.

    • The reason I do not put down mulch is because I would have to heavily mulch and the mulch would not break down when we would be ready to plant the next year. I currently try to use the sawdust from the chicken coop. I am saving it up over the winter and spreading it between where I want my rows in the spring. My garden looks nice and is kept up till about june. Then it grows too big and I do not have enough sawdust from the chickens. I also put cut grass down between my rows. I need something that either breaks down really fast or something that can be removed without too much trouble at the end of garden season. Bottom line is I need the kids to step up and help 🙂

  2. Wonderful post!

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