Cold Days..Warm Hearts

About a week or so ago we had a winter snow storm.  I live in Indiana and let me just tell you I hate snow.  We only got like 2 inches but did I mention I hate snow??  Lake effect is a pair of words I dread hearing.  As I sat in my house with my woodburner going, I listened to the howl of the wind blowing at 30 miles per hour.  I saw snow whipping past my window.  I looked out at the driveway puddle from the nights rain, and saw the glisten of ice.  All I could think to myself was BRRRRRR I’m not going out there!!



Then I looked at the 3 pieces of wood left on my indoor woodpile. I thought about the poor cats without water and food.  I told the kids to bundle  up and we were doing chores.  BRRRRR chores.  30 mile and hour winds whipping icy snow in my face, kids asking to ride their bikes on the snow filled road. “WHAT?? Hurry up and get this wood brought through the house if you have to!”  So 15 minutes later wood was in, a pile in the house of dry and another pile in the breezeway of not so dry.  I ran out to find the lean to was actually pretty warm where the cats were. I gave them food and water and loved on them for a bit then went to the chickens.   As soon as I opened the door the bigger ones knew what that white stuff meant…Scratch Indoors! and scrambled to the feeders.

When all the chores were done, I sat down to a wonderful blueberry muffin cake I had made before we went outside and a tall glass of milk.  I watched as the kids came inside in their snow gear with smiles on their faces.  They sat down in front of the warm fire going.  They talked about how frozen their bikes were and how much the wind was blowing.  Then they went off to play games together.



I sat and reflected on how lucky I am, how much God had blessed me.  I didn’t have to go to a job far away. I didn’t have to scrape my car or let it warm up. I didn’t have to get up early for any reason. I was in a warm home.  I had nice warm things to eat. I had the kids home, warm, and cozy.  They were playing nicely together.  Yes it was cold outside, but inside I was not only warm but I had a warm heart as well.

Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Cold Days..Warm Hearts

  1. Kind of makes you want to homestead down south, doesn’t it? I was sure cursing the heat this last summer, but I am really cold now! Keep warm!

    • If my husband could transfer to another plant I’d be down in texas lol. Upper end of it, but I would NOT be in cold ol Indiana! BRRRRR

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