Skill: Cooking on a wood stove

So every year I try to learn at least one new skill. The skill isn’t really new per say. I’ve cooked on one before when the power was out, but I’m going to try to cook more this winter on my wood stove.  I’m setting out to save electric.  We use this already to heat the house during the winter so why not use it?  My whole house is electric and hopefully soon we will be moving. (By soon I mean within 6 months.) That house is all gas. I’m not a fan of either quite frankly. Money sucked out of my pocket by a company really isn’t my cup of tea. Speaking of tea..I have a teapot that will go on there too now.


So here is my Christmas gift to myself. This dutch oven is not the camping one you use outside. It has a flat bottom and a roundish lid.  It holds as much water as my double handled pan and was a perfect purchase.  I have all cast iron frying pans already and all I need now is a sauce pan!


What’s for dinner?? Spagetti!  We are adding mushroom soup to it for our meal. It’s nice to go meatless every now and then.  I will post later about a great mushroom soup recipe.


Yum Yum.  BTW my husband said, “What are you doing?”  I said, “Cooking on the wood burner.” He just smiled that, ‘ You’re crazy’ smile.  Oh well he will get used to my crazy ways! He didn’t have any trouble eating the food!

Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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11 thoughts on “Skill: Cooking on a wood stove

  1. That is why we get along so well, we are both a bit crazy! Can’t wait to get my wood stove. Have you tried making “puddings” in the molds? I am interested in doing so on a woodstove top. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

    • No I haven’t. I haven’t ventured to pudding yet. I did make some fruit juice jello tonight with gelatin. I plan on making some pudding tomorrow if I have all the ingredients. Not sure I’ll wood stove that just yet. I need to make sure I can make it on a normal cooktop first lol.

      • no, I mean the pudding that is actually bread made in a mold and boiled on the stove top. You know, Figgy pudding? As in, “Now bring us some figgy pudding….” the Christmas song. Google it! It is not pudding as we know it. I am going to look up some recipes myself. It sounds delicious!

      • OHHH..well I thought pudding was pudding 😉 I’ll google and try to see if I can make it.

  2. I have a wood stove and tried to boil a little water. t took like 20-30 minutes. Was I doing something wrong? I didn’t use a real dutch oven, just the pot you can use for camping.

    • Cast iron will work the best. It heats faster and stays hot longer. If your fire starts to die some it will hold heat better. 20 minutes isnt really that long. Cooking takes a whole lot longer when you’re just doing it on a wood stove. It would be faster if it was an actual wood cook stove because the fire would be concentrated under one part like a campfire. You will have to find out what is the hottest part of your stove and work with that. If you are just keeping a fire all day you could try soups or chili simmering all day. I had to really get a good fire to boil water. I also used angel hair so it would get done quicker. I don’t cook everything on there but I hope to add more things as I go along this year and then next year transition to an actual wood cooking stove in the kitchen.

  3. Both of my grandmothers had real-deal wood cookstoves. Grandma that’s still alive cooks bread in hers every week in the winter. Great skill.

    • I am looking forward to getting one to use all winter long. I think it will be much easier to cook on versus this little living room wood burner lol. The real deals just cost a tad more than I like, but it will save money in the end because we wont use utilities.

  4. The house we are moving back to, at least until it sells, has 3 wood stoves! I have yet to attempt to cook on one, but I am looking forward to giving it a whirl. The stove is electric and the electricity rates in CT are high, plus wood is in pretty endless and renewable supply. I think I’m going to find myself looking around to put some in to any house we move to.

    • They make wood cook stoves. If you have three maybe one could be changed out to an actual stove!! Look up the the Pioneer Princess stove, or Bakers Choice. They are cool looking. Eventually I would love to get one.

      Any cooking would help.. even if it’s just simmering stews or get a roaring fire going in the morning to rewarm the house and make some eggs or bacon on it.

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