Holiday Bustle

It’s the day before Christmas and all through the house all the creatures are stirring..even the mouse!  It is so easy to to get swept up into the busy holiday, especially if you are the one hosting the Christmas meal.  Please remember to take time out from everything and just spend 30 minutes doing something to make you happy.  You probably are already prepping for the meal, making cookies, finishing up gift wrapping, but honestly is this what it’s all about?

Everyone seems to have taken Christmas to a whole new level!  Our family has tried to simplify Christmas this year.  For us it is a time to remember the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have told the children for years now that we give gifts to others because we cannot physically give a gift to Jesus.  We give them to people we love to show them we appreciate them and love them.  I explained who St. Nick was instead of using Santa as the reason for the season.

Every year I make it a point to not make holidays stressful.  Minimal gift buying also helps because there is nothing worse then the after Christmas budget numbers.  I don’t want to stress over holiday bills.  We do not use credit cards. We hand make gifts when possible.  We share in the meal prep so that it doesn’t fall on one person.  All these things help, but we have to remember the reason we are celebrating Christmas.  Is it worth all the hustle and bustle to prepare a meal and buy gifts if you are a mean ol grinch because of it?  Relax Martha! Be a Mary! Even if it is just 5 minutes.  Take some time this holiday to quiet your soul. It will make the holiday even more special.

Merry Christmas and Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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