Homemade Christmas Gifts

I figured it’s pretty close to Christmas so I will be ok posting this.  It was a hard decision because my mom happens upon my blog every now and then.  Probably NOW lol.  This year I decided to help keep cost down by hand making Christmas gifts this year.  I also decided to give everyone the same gift.  Although slightly different based on the family, still it was the same materials.  I could buy bulk and pay less.

Hand made gifts used to be the normal thing way back on them Little house on the prairie days.  They phased out and are now popping back in again. We are saving for a house and so we decided this year to make gifts and spend as little as possible.  So now I’m going to show you what I have done for my Christmas presents.  I went with the family gift.  It is a lot easier and it’s only one gifts instead of two, three, or way  more depending on children.  This is a nice gift for everyone.

The first gift is a Snowman Jar.  These are so easy to make and a lady at my church showed me how.  Here is what it looks like and then I’ll explain how to make it. It’s so easy you could even whip a few up before Christmas this year!

Snowman Jars

Snowman Jars

These are an applesauce jar, a pickle jar, and two other jars a friend gave.  What you do is take an old jar and sponge paint it with white acrylic paint.  Then take the back of the paintbrush and dot-paint black eyes and a mouth.  Take orange paint and paint on a nose.  Take a cotton ball and dab pink cheeks on.  Once it is dry you need to take clear acrylic paint and spray the whole jar so that it can at the very least be dusted.  Then take an old sweater. Cut off the sleeve about 6 inches up and tie off the cut end.  These jars pictures were not quite done.  Then you roll the wrist part and slip it over the jar like a hat.   I also cut about a 1 inch strip on the sleeve, then cut it to make a long strip.  I then used hot glue to secure the sweater strip around the bottom of the jar and also tied and hot glued that.  You do not want to hot glue the top because you can either slip in a battery operated votive or fill it with goodies.  I filled all of mine with Halloween candy. I waited until it was like 90% off and grabbed all I could. Candy stays good for years and most of what I got you wouldn’t know it was anyway because it had regular wrappers.  VOILA  an easily made, cheaply made, but yet personal gift that they can reuse every winter as decor!

The second part of my gift took a bit more time. It took 1 hour per item and I made 4 for everyone.  That my friend is a crochet dishcloth.  A friend had a pattern but didn’t know how to crochet. I knew crochet but couldn’t find a decent pattern.  So there birthed a hand made person gift for both of us to give.  Basically this pattern is just a half double crochet for 13 rows, then at the end do two half double crochets into the last stitch to make a corner..and start going around the entire rag.  You have to make even stitches where ever you can along two of the sides. Once you get to the next 2 cornesr you need to do 3 double half crochets and continue on. When you get to the last corner you start slip stitching around the entire rag again until you get to the end. Tie off and weave in the ends.  If you don’t know how to crochet, get on youtube and learn what I’m talking about 😉 .  Here is a picture of that cloth made with the wrong yarn. Please use COTTON yarn. This was my rough draft lol.



I’ve made 4 of these for each family. They vary based on their kitchens and personality.  I plan on wrapping these dishcloths with a little bottle of dawn dishsoap and placing that and a snowman jar in a small basket or bag.  So now you know what I’m giving and if you don’t have a gift you can make these too!

Happy Gift Making and Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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