Hiding food

The title is a little deceiving. I don’t mean hoarding for the Apocalypse or anything.  Today I’m talking about making the switch to good food when your family is used to eating junk.  My family was a processed food family.  My kids ate fruits and vegetables though because my husband and I like them. Most things in my garden they would eat, but when I started making changes it wasn’t always easy.

Kids and sometimes husbands have this thing about “healthy” food.  If the name sounds weird, if it looks weird, or if they think it would taste weird they won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  The mark of a good mom is to hide healthy things in the junk.  You should definitely start simple.  Instead of box mashed potatoes..use actual potatoes.  Making switches on basic things really helps the hiding later.  Mac and cheese..instead of a box.. use melted cheddar and milk.  If you can get them used to the simple food changes then you can hide things better.

So what can you hide in food? All sorts of stuff.  One of the easiest to hide is Cauliflower in Potatoes.


You have to be sneaky when you hide things because not only are you hiding them in the food, you have to hide them from the kids while preparing the food.  Cauliflower can be disguised in potatoes really easy. Don’t use a lot at first and then you can build it up.  Make sure to salt the water when boiling to help draw out that cauliflower taste. They mush really easily and can be blended with the blender when you do the potatoes. You can also use turnips in mashed potatoes too.  Cauliflower alone can be made into a “potato” salad.

Another item you can hide is greens.

Courtesy of pcc.edu

Courtesy of pcc.edu

Now here your not really hiding them but simply adding them in small quantities that they won’t notice.  Soup is great for hiding greens in.  I dehydrate my greens and crush them into tiny pieces.  Then I sprinkle them into my soups. The kids see me adding spices from jars and so grabbing that jar of crushed greens is just another “spice”.  Unknown to them it is a mixture of swiss chard, ruby red chard, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach, leaf lettuce, and turnip greens.  That’s a lot of vitamins for that “spice!”  Those crushed greens work well in hamburgers.  Stop buying the prefab burgers and make your own.  Hamburger with onions, some crushed greens, an egg, and some basil or thyme really makes a taste burger.  Help hide the good stuff by making it a cheese burger.

You can hide nuts and seeds in things also.

Courtesy of rawfoodrecipes.com

Courtesy of rawfoodrecipes.com

Meats, muffins, cakes.. adding crushed or ground nuts and seeds will boost flavor and nutrition. Flax seed, sesame seed, walnuts, pecans, peanuts…the list goes on. Cookies are a great hiding place for good stuff. Add in chocolate and they don’t even seem to notice!

Whole grain flours hide well also.  Most recipes you can swap out half for a good whole grain when it comes to flour.  My bread looks white..but it’s not all white.  It is half white and half white whole wheat. Plus I’ve got raw honey in there, raw milk, free range eggs, raw butter, olive oil..I mean its so healthy it would kill a kid if he knew!  Most recipes the kids/hubby won’t notice.

Barley apparently hides in meatloaf.  I read another blog recently that said to use barley in your meatloaf to hold it together. Who knew!  The internet is your friend.  There are sites that you can list ingredients and then they find you recipes. Do a search on hiding “x” in food.  You can also experiment with things. The worst that could happen is they don’t eat it.

Don’t be afraid to be a tad forceful when asking your family to eat it.  If it tastes good to you it probably tastes fine and they just know your up to something.  In our family we have a don’t ask/ don’t tell policy.  If they do ask what we are eating I usually say, “Food and if you don’t like it you can starve!”

Happy Hiding, and Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Hiding food

  1. maplecreekcottage

    Awesome. I feel like you wrote this just for me and the kiddies!

    • Maybe I did! *dramatic* dun dun duuuuunnnn. 😉
      You’ll find more ways to hide food when you start getting into recipes more. I always change out flour but you can add so much and they don’t even realize it. You can start cutting down on sugar too. Just use a tad less and then less and then less.. Not too recently we ended up eating a processed treat we used to eat and we could only have one because it was so sweet. Hubby usually eats three but said I cant..I’m done with one. hehe.. good job mom..thank you thank you very much

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