Sewing skills..or lack of

If you are even remotely interested in homesteading, you will have that drive to learn new things.  There are many skills you can learn that will help you on your journey.  Life is about learning. I try to learn one or two things per year that might help our family in some way.  My husband looked at me very odd when I started a new skill this past summer.  Anyway, that is for another post hehe..this post is about a skill I don’t use as much as I probably should…Sewing.  I hate sewing. There I said it! I think it is very boring and nothing really ever comes out right anyway. The lines don’t go straight, the string always breaks or gets in a huge knot, I run out of bobbin thread, I sew my projects together when I don’t mean to, and well it’s tedious.  Cut the pattern, measure, assemble the pattern, sew, and stab yourself with pins.. just not for me.

Well I’ve wanted aprons around here and can’t ever find any in the store.  I got some old patterns from my mom and some fabric too.  These patterns were from like 1950’s probably.  I pulled one out and put the pieces all over the table and then called my mom.  I haven’t sewed from a pattern since high school and that was too long ago to remember.  This pattern had like 8 pieces!  My mom happened to be a state away when I called so I went to plan B.  I had an old simple apron that my mom had gotten at a food show.   I decided to use that as a pattern  and went to work.  Here is the apron pinned to the fabric and cut out.



I had a lot of little pieces like the strings,the neck strap, and that thicker piece towards the top.  I must say it only took me like 3 hours lol. I thought that was pretty good.  I had to figure out how to make the ties and stuff anyway.  It’s not too bad. There were only a few things I’d do differently and one oops which wasn’t really an oops but should have put this piece then sewed and didn’t so had to sew twice.  Anyway I am pretty proud of myself and now I have a lovely apron.  Here is the finished product along with the white original.



Maybe the next apron will be fancier once my mom helps me figure out how the heck to put it all together!

Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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8 thoughts on “Sewing skills..or lack of

  1. Beautiful! I love aprons. I wear aprons everywhere, I’m bringing them back into style! I love vintage aprons. I love bright and pretty the one you made is. Good job!

    • I actually ended up making two more half ones that just wrap around the waste and then a garden arpon that was again just a half with a pocket. It is a thicker material but that is what I need it for the most. I always wipe my hands on my hips. I wish I could just find aprons here that are really pretty. Maybe you should make me some lol.

      • If you make me one, I’ll make you one! 🙂

      • I sew horrible..I thought you could sew lol.

      • I just saw your beautiful apron! I am not kidding, let’s make each other an apron and swap. I am not a brilliant seamstress, it will surely look homemade, but I will make you a cute apron too!

      • Are you on facebook?? I went to walmart to look at fabric and almost died at the price..then went to joanns because they had a “sale” and I did die lol. Walmart was still cheaper. Apron making will have to wait till the holidays are over. It’s not in the budget right now.

  2. I found your blog today and am enjoying it so far. I really like the apron. My sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.

    • Well everyone cant be good at everything. The trick is to know either enough to muddle through or to know enough to call in another homesteader and barter services 😉

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