YouTube…it’s your friend

YouTube is probably the most used website on my computer next to facebook.  I’m a facebook addict so deal with it!   YouTube is a great way to learn different things.  There are many people who have done many things, some stupid, some crazy, and some wonderful.  As a newbie homesteader you should definitely be checking there to find out how to do what you want to do.

I use YouTube mostly to learn new skills or to actually see step by step how to make something.  Reading how to do something is not quite the same as watching a great video about it.  I have a YouTube channel that has videos on things I’ve done. Some work and some don’t.  I did a video on my rain barrel system…it only half works lol.  I have a very monotone guy-ish voice I think and hate hearing myself talk.  I also seem to breath heavy even though I’m not out of breath! It’s just not a great YouTube experience in my opinion so I quit doing videos for a while.  I will however tell you my channel so you can see how I plant gardens and mark rows, my manure barrel which works really well by the way except it needs a screen around the spout.  You can see my coop if you are thinking of chickens.  I will do another post on that later, but even if you never watch any of my video’s you definitely need to watch some videos on there for what interests you about homesteading.  There is a wealth of information out there and tons of ideas for using what you have to get you going.

My channel is

Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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