Bulk Buying

Today I’m going to talk about bulk buying.  Bulk buying is something a lot of homesteaders do for many reason such as making things from scratch, saving gas on trips to town, and stocking in case for some reason you find your significant other is out of work.  There are basically two kinds of bulk buying, depending on where you are at on your homesteading venture.

1. Bulk buying store items.  Shopping discount stores is an awesome way to bulk buy for you house.  Stocking a pantry is pretty easy if you know where to shop.  Dented can stores can have you stocking loads of canned soup, vegetable, rice, pasta, and cereal.  You are able to buy extra of these things because they are so cheap.  So if you budget $100 for groceries for the week and plan on buying progresso at the store, most of the time you can buy twice as much because the cans are half the price.  You also can price match your ads say at walmart and then do extreme couponing. Therefore you can buy extra of toothpaste, soap, and frozen items all because of all the money you’ve saved.  This is actually how I started out buying for our family. It was nice to have extra cans of soup or extra pasta for a quick meal when money was tight.  Just buy a few extra of everything you can when it’s on sale.

2. Bulk stock pile buying.  This is a little more advanced. As you start homesteading, making meals from scratch, producing your own meat, and canning your own vegetables you will find that there are only a few things you are shopping at the store for and the few things you need a lot of.  At this point you should look at the Mennonite and Amish communities.  They know where all the bulk food places are. I am lucky that although I live in a small town, we have a brand new bulk food store where I can order anything I need in large quantities.   I don’t shop much at grocery stores except to buy toiletries.  I also buy some organic fruits and veggies but we raise our own meat, I grow my own veggies, and all I really need are the major staples like flour and sugar.  Bulk stores offer 50 pound bags of these things. Not all are cheaper than buying multiple bags at the store but some are.  I can shop one place, buy 50 pounds of flour, and not need to go to town for weeks.

Bulk buying is something everyone should do even if it’s a small pantry you are making.  It’s always a good idea to have enough food on hand to go at least a month without needing anything major from the store.  Make a list of what you usually buy in a month and start stocking your pantry at the sales.  A well stocked pantry is the mark of a homesteader.  Start with buying store items if you need to until you learn more in depth homesteading skills.  Slow and steady wins the race 🙂    Happy Homesteading!! 😀

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