Taking a few days off

Sometimes in life..things happen.  Sometimes you just need to take a few days.  I am generally a busy person. I do various things throughout the day that usually end up filling the day.  This particular day is just going to be video day at our house.  Wednesday I had an outpatient heart catheter ablation.

The procedure was suppose to be simple. Find the problem ablate it, heal, live life.  Yeah, well not so much. He knew exactly where it was suppose to be..it wasn’t there..hunted around, found it.  It was too close to the main pulse of the heart to ablate.  He wore out my heart it seemed trying to make it act up.  Since it would not, he left it alone and presented me with plan B.  I’ve had two episodes since I’ve seen him (not bad ones, but still)  and since we haven’t caught any on an EKG, he implanted me with a memory stick type device.  Hurrah….. this is suppose to monitor my heart and if I have an episode I can record it with a remote.  So still in a lot of pain.

A friend sat with me yesterday and I’m on my own today.  I can’t do anything strenuous or lift anything heavy for a week.  It also puts a damper on homeschooling.

In my life, I usually roll with the chaos and things end up working out anyway, but it’s always nice to have a planned inconvenience. 😀  Knowing my surgery was going to be Wednesday allowed me to prep ahead of time. I did all the laundry, cleaned my house, had the kids train on things I usually do that now they would have to do (like dishes, feeding the chickens, and making some sort of dinner) and gave me time to blog ahead.  🙂 Gotta love the post scheduler!

What was also nice is that, because my house is a team effort, I was only really responsible for cleaning the kitchen and part of the bathroom in the first place.  That means most of my house stays clean even if I’m down with a cold or in this case surgery.  My plan for this blog is to post 5 days and take the weekend off.  This will also work well for me when Spring and Summer are here because the weekend is even more busy.

Make sure, no matter what you do, that you remember to take a day once in a while.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Designate the big stuff to lighten your load.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. Homesteading is baby steps towards a more self sufficient lifestyle.

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