How to start Homesteading- Part 1

So first I want to start by saying that before you start, you should make sure that one income will support the entire family.  Make sure this is what God is calling you to do.  Where there is God calling, there is a way.  You can make it work, but it may not be easy.  I am here to help you start. Maybe these things will make enough of a difference you can actually make the leap.

There is no wrong or right way to start homesteading but I thought I would give a sort of top 10 of what you can start with. I say “think Amish”

1. Get a cloths line.

This may seem like a given to some but to others this is a great way to start. Quit using your dryer unless it’s raining.  Not only will the clothes smell fresh but it will save you money by not using electricity or gas.

2. Cook from scratch.  If you get into the habit now of not buying everything packaged then you will be on your way.  You will save money if you make meals from scratch.  You can prepare big huge pots of chili and other soups and freeze them.  Then you have ready made meals for when you don’t have time to cook.

3. Take an inventory of your yard and find a place to grow vegetables.

Many plants don’t take up much room and they will save you money rather than buying them at the grocery store.  A good plant to start with is the pole green bean.  You can plant them next to anything it can climb on like oh say the clothes line pole you just put up 😛  You can use t-posts,an  old twig placed into the ground, or even have them grow on a piece of lattice next to the house.  They produce a lot on one plant.  Another easy plant is a tomato plant.  You can grow them in 5 gallon buckets on your patio or right outside your front door.  When you plant them in a bucket place a stick in it as well about 3 feet taller than the bucket so you can tie the plant up. Lettuce grows well when its colder and will grow in window pots in your house or along the front of your house.  Use your imagination and come up with some unique ways to grow your own veggies.  Do an internet search for “big gardens in a little space” or something like that.  There are many ideas out there.

4. Make a budget if you haven’t already and find out how much you spend on certain things.  Cut back where you can.  Sounds like this shouldn’t be in homesteading but I assure you a homesteader knows what sucks money out of their pocket and what makes or saves them money. Instead of a home phone with internet and all the package perks, cut back to just internet.  Instead of paying att and verizon $100+ a month find out your usage and see if you can go with straight talk or tracfone.  Instead of having the $40+ package for dish or direct tv cut out that service totally and get netflix and an antenna.  You will be far too busy to watch all those shows anyway eventually 😉

5. Find discount grocery stores.

 There are certain stores that specialize in dented cans and crushed box foods.  Ask around in your area to see if you can find them.  They often time have food that is perfectly good but because Walmart doesn’t like dented cans on their shelf they send them to another company.  That company sells banana boxes filled with dented and crushed items to little mom and pop discount stores.  A box of mac and cheese might be 25 cents. A can of progresso soup might be 50 cents.  Cans of corn and green beans might be 40 cents. Boxes of cereal might be $1.25 instead of $4.  This is will save you a ton of money.  Remember cereal is good 6 months after the expiration date, Pasta pretty much doesn’t expire, and beware of cans you can push down and it’s not good.

Tomorrow I will post 6-10 on getting started….make sure to check back!

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